Best Ways to Take CBD

The explosion of CBD products, particularly those that have more than one way of being taken, has created a considerable amount of interest along with some confusion. For many who are considering taking CBD oil for the first time, you may wonder which is the best way to ingest this product to get the most out of it. What follows are a few of the most popular methods that are used to take CBD.


This is when you take the CBD internally through the mouth. This is arguably the most popular way to get CBD into the bloodstream. It also creates an overall effect, which means that once ingested and absorbed, it will affect the entire body.

Pills & Capsules:

This is one of the most common means of taking CBD. The cannabidiol is ingested as if you were taking a vitamin pill or capsule. This is a popular method because you can take an exact dose and better understand what to expect. The most common dosage for beginners is 25mg at the start. Remember that it will take around 45 minutes for the CBD to reach the bloodstream with a capsule, so do not take more until after that time has passed.


This is when you put the CBD directly under the tongue using an eyedropper. This is perhaps the most popular method with CBD oil as it delivers a better dosage to the bloodstream as opposed to swallowing it. The dosage is slightly less precise compared to ingesting it, as different amounts can be present in the dropper.


Another popular product is chewable gummies that offer another method of delivering the CBD to the system. The gummies themselves are tasty and provide a nice effect that also acts as a quick snack. Tasty, easy to swallow, and effective, gummies are not only popular but quite effective.

Infused: CBD that is part of snacks and other treats is becoming more popular. This is when the product itself is infused with common foods you find in grocery stores, retail health food shops, and the like. Keep in mind that the dosage level may not be accurate as heat does destroy some of the CBD. That said, a nano infused CBD is one of the best ways to get your daily dose.


If you are looking to focus the effects on the CBD onto one place, such as for the aches and pains of sore muscles. Then a topical application is something you should consider. This means that the CBD will not be placed in the mouth, but rather on the skin above the area that needs treatment. Athletes, in particular, enjoy CBD topical creams and balms because it provides pain relief along with reducing inflammation straight to the muscles. Topical applications also work with joint pain and even arthritis to a certain extent.

You will need to choose the method that best suits your needs. For those using CBD products for the first time, you should keep the dosage to modest levels, which ensures that you can understand how your body will react. While CBD is mild in nature, it is important to keep track of the dosage to find what is best for you.

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