Activated Carbon Filters

Activated charcoal filters are fantastic, and they work! The charcoal is "activated" with oxygen, which opens millions of pores in the carbon. The activated charcoal absorbs odor molecules and other pollutants In the air. The mechanics are simple, and there are three important things to remember when using a charcoal filler. First, keep room humidity below 55 percent. At about 65 lo 70 percent relative humidity, the charcoal absorbs moisture and clogs. At 80 percent humidity, it stops removing odors. Second, air must move slowly through charcoal filters to extract odors. The fan on professional units lets just enough air through the filter so the odors have enough (dwell) time to be absorbed by

Ozone generators are located inside ducting. Crow room air mixes with ozone in ducting and big metal box. Air smells fresh and clean once treated properly with ozone,

A vent-fan duct hooks to each tube, and the air-cleansing agent is imparted before air is evacuated.

Filtration Using Activated Charcoal
Charcoal ¡¡Iters remove fragrance and pollen front the air. The model shown above has a half-inch outer filter that encases porous ducting surrounded by activated charcoal. These filters are efficient until humidity climbs beyond 60 percent, at which paint moisture-filled charcoal foils (o absorb.

the carbon filter. Third, use a pre-filter. The pre-filter catches most of the dust and airborne pollutants before they foul the carbon filter. Change the pre-filter regularly-every 60 days, or more often if the room is dusty. Carbon lasts about a year. Many growers prefer activated carbon made from coco. Do not use activated carbon that is "crushed," because it is less efficient than charcoal pellets.

Install an intake screen that filters out large particles of dust to prolong the life of the activated charcoal filter. Whether the intake is passive or brought in by a fan, use a filter for incoming air to minimize pollutants in the grow room.

Check with filter manufacturers or retailers about venting specifications for your grow area. A more powerful exhaust fan will be necessary to draw an adequate volume of air through the activated charcoal lilter. An adequate airflow is imperative to keep a high CO, content in the grow room air.

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