Not All Glands Are Created Equal

The quality of the marijuana affects the quality of the hash, too. Moroccan hash is made from plants of marginal potency. A Moroccan gland does not contain as much THC as a Nepalese gland. Within a specific variety, individual plants vary in the number of glands they have per square centimeter. The result is that some plants are more potent than others.

In Holland several growers told me that they observed that gland size differed by variety. One observed that "hash plant" hybrids were covered with large sized glands as compared with some Sativas, which he said, had smaller bulb heads.

The longer that leaves are rubbed, the more glands that drop through the screen. However, more vegetative material drops through too. Different varieties glands are different sizes; each has an ideal mesh size. Here the same variety was screened using three different sized meshes. The 150 line per inch screen yielded the least, but it was the purest.

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