You listed the following personal reasons for quitting marijuana and said that they applied to you moderately quite a bit or very much at this time

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_To show myself that I can quit if I want to

_Because I will like myself better if I quit

_Because I won't have to leave social functions or other people's houses to smoke

_So I can feel in control of my life

_Because my family and friends will stop nagging me if I quit

_To get praise from people I'm close to

_Because smoking marijuana does not fit in with my self-image

_Because smoking marijuana is becoming less socially acceptable

_Because someone has told me to quit or else

_Because I will receive a special gift if I quit

_Because of potential health problems

_Because people I am close to will be upset if I don't quit

_So that I can get more things done

_Because I have noticed that smoking marijuana is hurting my health

_Because I want to save the money I spend on marijuana

_To prove that I'm not addicted to marijuana

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