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If you are serious about quitting, the best way is to stop "cold turkey." You might be surprised that it's easier than you think. Soon after quitting, you'll find that your thinking becomes clearer.

To quit using marijuana, you have to confront your desire to get stoned. You will be going into battle against a part of yourself that you no longer wish to exist. Giving up marijuana, especially if you've been using for some time, is a bit like losing an old friend. Quitting may feel like a funeral, but it is also the beginning of a new life.

Think of quitting as a positive step. You must be well prepared and have a plan worked out in advance. If you follow the suggestions in this guide, you will find it easier to achieve your goal. If you are serious about stopping, it is time to decide when you are going to quit. Review the Quit Agreement (form 1C).

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