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A Scientific Journey Across Cultures and


The Case for Challenging Research and Value Systems


Figure 1 - Water Color Painting of Psilocybe semilanceata (Germany, 1927)

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"Who Was the First Magician?" - Foreword by Christian Ratsch 7

1. Introduction 9

2. Reflections on the History and Scientific Study of Magic Mushrooms 10

3. The Current State of Knowledge About European Species 14

3.1 Psilocybe semilanceata: The Classic Species Among European Psychotropic Mushrooms 16

3.2 Psilocybe cyanescens: Potent Mushrooms Growing on Wood Debris 29

3.3 Panaeolus subbalteatus: Mycology and Myths about the Panaeolus Species 37

3.4 Inocybe aeruginascens: Fast-Spreading New Arrivals 44

3.5 Gymnopiluspurpuratus: Magnificent Mushrooms from South America 51

3.6 Conocybe cyanopus: Tiny Mushrooms of Remarkable Potency 55

3.7 Pluteus salicinus: A Little-known Wood-Inhabiting Species 58

4. Mushroom Identification: Taxonomic Confusion and the Potential for Deadly Mistakes 61

5. The Bluing Phenomenon and Metol Testing: Reality vs. Wishful Thinking 63

6. Mushroom Cultivation: Classic Findings and New Techniques 66

7. Psychotropic Mushroom Species Around the World 77

7.1 Spotlight on North America and Hawaii 79

7.2 Mycophilia in Central and South America 82

7.3 Australia's Mycoflora Attracts Attention 84

7.4 European Customs and Conventions 87

7.5 Japanese Experimentation 93

7.6 Intoxications and the Oldest Known Mushroom Cult in Africa 95

7.7 Usage in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific Islands 98

8. Some Comments on Effects of Mushrooms from the Category Phantastika 102

9. Psychotherapy 108

10. Outlook 114

11. Bibliography 120 Index 129

Figure 2 - Psilocybe cubensis from


Figure 2 - Psilocybe cubensis from


Figure 3 - Water color painting of Panaeolus subbalteatus (Germany, 1927).
Figure 4 - Fresh Panaeolus subbalteatus mushrooms.

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