I am particularly grateful to Claudia Taake. Without her translation, her technical support and our stimulating, creative discussions, the publication of this book in its present form would not have been possible.

I want to thank Scott Bradbury for his contribution of original artwork on both covers and on page 1, and for assisting with cover design and layout.

I am grateful to several individuals who introduced me to mycology; special thanks are due those who have provided me with a number of extremely rare mushroom samples for my research. I am most grateful to Gerhard Drewitz of Caputh (Berlin) for his helpful observations on the taxonomy and toxicology of the Inocybe species. For more than 10 years, he has furnished me with rare mushroom specimens for chemical analyses. I am thankful for our many joint excursions into the world of mushrooms.

Gerd K. Muller (Leipzig, Germany) has deepened my understanding of the mushrooms's purpose and position in the natural world. It was our collaboration at the University of Leipzig, and an opportunity to deposit mushroom material at the Leipzig Herbarium that resulted in the discovery of new frontiers in mycological research.

For contributing valuable data on natural products chemistry, taxonomy and medical applications for psychedelics, I am indebted to the late Marta Semerdzieva, who died in 1994, as well as to Milan Hausner and Josef Herink in the Czech Republic. I cherish the memories of our collaboration and our joint field research expeditions.

I want to thank John W. Allen (Hawaii) for generously sharing many photographs and his expert knowledge of the mycofloras in North America, Hawaii and Asia. I sincerely wish to thank my friends in Switzerland, Rita C. Zengaffmen and Udo Kinzel, for all their contributions. I want to thank Michael W. Smith (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa) for our collaborative field research in South Africa in January, 1994. I am grateful to Paul Stamets (Olympia, WA) for his contribution of mushroom photographs. For their expertise and for providing valuable information I also wish to thank Albert Hofmann, who discovered psilocybin and psilocin (Burg, Switzerland); as well as Jonathan Ott (Xalapa, Mexico); Hanscarl Leuner (Gottingen, Germany); Christian Ratsch (Hamburg, Germany); Alexander T. Shulgin (Lafayette, CA); and Giorgio Samorini (Bologna, Italy).

Finally, my heartfelt gratitude goes to Irmgard Richter, for her years of support and for enduring my unbridled mycophilia.

LIS Publications wishes to thank the following individuals and businesses who have helped make this book possible: Brad Falk, Scott Bradbury, Angelica Biddle, Ronda Flanzbaum, Tim Matthews, David Cronk, Kerstin Taake, FS Books, Knockabout Comics, Mind Books and Rosetta Books.


2, 4, 24, 29, 39, 54, 56, 72: Photographs by John W. Allen.

5, 55, 59: Courtesy of Giorgio Samorini.

20, 23, 38: Courtesy of German J. Krieglsteiner.

34: Photograph by Gerhard Drewitz.

36: Photograph by Paul Stamets.

61: Illustration by Claudia Taake.

64, 70: Courtesy of Albert Hofmann.

65: Courtesy of Marta Semerdzieva.

68: Photograph by Gerd K. Miller.

Front Cover by Scott Bradbury

Back cover photograph by Michael T. Smith.

Drawing on page 2 by Scott Bradbury.

All other photographs and illustrations by the author.

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