Truth is a phenomenon that occurs at a point in space and time called the here and now. Truth is experienced when a person realizes the utter interdependence of body, mind, and environment.

MIND is the function that correlates the phenomena experienced by single and combined senses.

BODY is the aggregate of the senses and the other organic systems that maintain them.

ENVIRONMENT is earth, air, fire, water—particularly their organic and inorganic components, including people—with which body and mind are occupied.

CONSCIOUSNESS is the reflective facility that can focus on the aspects of body, mind, and environment and their correlations and can project those reflections into time. This projection initiates the relativity of truth.

A so-called factual statement describes an objective thing/ happening that exists or occurs in a fixed, measured relationship. For example, let's say that there are five trees in the orchard. That statement is relative to time, which will altlr the number; and time begins the moment the measurement is uttered. A fact only represents relative truth.

Everything that constitutes knowledge, factual or theoretical, is transmitted to consciousness by the senses. The cell systems that make up the senses are not completely developed at birth. The are completed in relationship with the environment into which the infant is born. This is accompanied by correlative organic development.

The completed sense system is the vehicle for the intelligent relationship between the organism and the external world; this sense system is what is commonly called the brain. It is manifestly evident that the neurological responses of any cell system will respond differently to the organization of energy called a city than to the energy called a forest. They emit different vibrations. The effect is a different mind and body, a different intelligence system, and therefore, a different knowledge. This consequently creates a different relationship with the environment.

This is Truth; all can acknowledge it. This Truth is the foundation for the relative truths that follow.

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