Education and the Mandata

The Shivalila educational program is a process of defining relationships between: (1) the body, mind, and environment coordinates of the eight dimensions; and (2) the symbology of the psychic, sensual, material, and fantasy systems 01 communication. The intent is to maintain continuity and to eliminate the schizo-genetic dynamics of programs not based on the mandala concept.

It is inappropriate to program a seven-year-old intellect with Dimension-VIII data beyond that which is relevant to day-to-day living. Twenty years ago the information programmed as science, art, or history had no live, practical relevance, other than as part of a hustle for grades in order to maintain parental acceptance; and today that information is either redundant or irrelevant.

Education at Shivalila is focused on here-now relevant activities, such as food growing and preparation, cleaning, childcare, crafts, dancing, music, construction, and maintenance, with reading and math taught in relation to these activities. All children, regardless of sex, are equally exposed to all activities.

Not until adolescence is consciousness to be directed toward the fantasy abstractions known as history, art, literature, and theoretical science, and then only if the child is self-motivated in those categories.

As a result of this educational program, the children's consciousness is not automatically separated from a here-now focus by the imposition of spatial/temporal abstractions at a time that is not confluent with developmental stages of the child's intellect.*

Such an educational program obviates the need for children to later use drugs as adults to reestablish the connections with the more centered dimensions of space and time.

*See Appendix A.

If a child has not experienced open, sensual communication with its family but is only touched when being cleaned and whose family only touches behind closed doors in the dark—

and if a child has not seen seeds sown, grown, and picked but only the supermarket and dollars— what is the basis of its intelligence?

By age three a child is capable of computing


With that cycle as an intellectual foundation, the child is then capable of understanding the relationships and symbolic structures of physics, chemistry, and biology This eliminates the possibility of the intellect being possessed by dualistic imagery.

The effect is a healthy, balanced, free child.

How does a child learn about time?

by seeing wood cut in spring, burned in winter;

by seeing a seed sprout in summer, eaten in fall;

by seeing a mother's abdomen expand, then being delivered of a baby.

How does a child not learn about time? by being taught how to tell time on a watch.


In the experience called death, there is no break in the continuity of consciousness. However, although an infant and an adult occupy the same objective reality, they cognize within a different extension of space and time. Hence, the consciousness of an adult who dies and is reborn as an infant perceives a whole new universe, even though objectively there is no major change.

If the parents of a child are aware of this reality and can identify with the infant's dimension of space and time, the experience of death/birth will be without trauma or subsequent mystery.

It is the manipulation of this mystery that has given power to religions down through history, including the media religion that dominates Western culture today.

The purpose of death is to acquire a recycled, refreshed, renewed body and a mind freed of an overload of redundant data. Thus, the new body and mind are able to experience the environment more abundantly.

When someone of Shivalila becomes aware of the imminence of death, it becomes a topic of general discussion, with the children participating. Initially the focus of the discussion is the status of the person's karma. Then a will is enacted in which the dying person decides whom he will next have as a mother and whom he will not have and why. During such an enactment, it was seen that for the genetic evolution of the community, while a dying person may decide, with the agreement of the one concerned, that the new mother will be one of the children of Shivalila when she is of childbearing age, the person cannot make that accord with biological offspring, since such an accord would foster an incestuous partiality that would be antievolutionary.

When one realizes that one always returns to a here-now environment, one respects that environment as Mother, as Source. Then one will never again elevate any vain human above that Mother or allow anyone to elevate himself above that Mother.

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