The process of cosmic creation through volcanic activity. The patient, who in the perinatal process had experienced the destructive power of volcanoes, was now appreciating the creative, mountain-forming potential of the glowing magma. She related it to a primordial, intermediate state between consciousness and matter out of which all forms emerge and into which they eventually return.

In the cultural history of mankind, experiences of this kind have been described in different frameworks for centuries or even millenia. They may occur spontaneously in certain individuals under special circumstances, or be facilitated by various spiritual procedures designed specifically for this purpose. Despite the fact that both the existence of these experiences and their bcncficial impact on ex-pericnts have been known for such a long time, they have hardly ever been mentioned in the: con I ex I of modern psychotherapy or therapy in general. Until the publication of Abraham Maslow's work, the only Iramework available in psychiatry for "peak experiences" was that of schizophrenic symptomatology. The healing potential of ccstatie states is of such paramount significance, however, that it suggests an entirely new orientation in psychiatric therapy. We should carefully study the characteristics of these states and develop new methods for their facilitation and induction.

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