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Characteristic patterns of the early stage in a psychedelic session 33

Two representations of illusory transformation under the influence of LSD 34

The 'psychedelic breakthrough' in a perinatal experience 67

The transition from BPM III to BPM IV 69

The final phase of the death-rebirth process 70

Nausea and sensory deprivation in a perinatal experience 103

Transformation of the maternal genitals during the birth process 105

Death and rebirth in a perinatal session 106

An encounter with the devil 139

Overwhelming threat and revulsion 139

Snake symbolism in the death-rebirth process 141

An ecstatic experience of the divine epiphany following the ego death 142

The Flagellant': final stages of the death-rebirth process (BPM III) 175

The purifying fire associated with volcanic ecstacy (BPM III) 176

The last seconds before biological and spiritual birth 177

Identification with the universe 178

Identification with the crucified Christ 211

'Pega\ a theme on the psychodynamic, perinatal and transpersonal levels 212

Final stages of the perinatal unfolding (BPM III) 214

Experiencing elements of the collective unconscious 247

Embryonal, tissue and cellular consciousness 247

Archetypal demonic entities 250

Through Suffering to the Black Sun':

manifestation of the divine Self 283

The Black Sun as the ultimate source of creative energy 284

The process of creation and the individual and universal Selfs 285

Cosmic creation through volcanic activity 286

Motifs related to the North American tradition 287

Egyptian motifs and the concepts of Kundalini 320

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