1. The interested reader will find detailed information about the recent convergence of quantum-relativistic physics, mysticism, and modern consciousness-research in books by Itzak Bentov (11), Fritjof Capra (18), Nick Herbert (37), Larry Le Shan (56), Kenneth Pelletier (78), Bob Toben (101), and Arthur Young (105).

2. An example of dramatic and lasting success in a severe case of compulsive neurosis was published in Scandinavia by E. Brandrup and T. Vangaard (16). On page 185 I described striking improvements in a patient with an obsessive-compulsive neurosis that had resisted Freudian psychoanalysis for eighteen years. Unfortunately, our research design did not allow for more than three sessions and the therapy could not be completed.

3. The condensed story of another of these patients, Michael, is presented in my first book, Realms of the Human Unconscious (32), pp. 66 and 235.

4. Stanislav Grof and Joan Halifax: The Human Encounter With Death (34). The bibliography of this book gives all the specific references to original papers in this area.

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