Lsd Therapy 2017

1. Arthur Janov has a similar approach to the spiritual experiences occurring in some patients during primal therapy. His original emphasis was exclusively on early childhood material. Later, he was forced by clinical observations to incorporate the birth trauma, whose significance he originally denied, into the theory of primal therapy. At present, he still lacks genuine recognition of the value of transpersonal experiences, and considers them a "cop-out from primal pain." The most serious dilemma of primal therapy is the fact that it uses a tool that has the power to elicit experiences for which the limited primal theory does not have an adequate conceptual framework.

2. Transpersonal psychology and the mystical world-view are frequently, and erroneously, referred to as unscientific. This reflects the fact that psychology and psychiatry (as well as the general public) still adhere to the old model of the world, based on the Newtonian image of the universe and the Cartesian dichotomy between mind and matter. In actuality, the mystical world-view is surprisingly compatible with revolutionary discoveries in modern science, such as relativity theory and quantum physics. Doth modern physics and the

I mystical world-view violate common sense and are inconsistent with what can j be called "the pedestrian consciousness and world-view," which has not caught up with either. The interested reader will find an excellent discussion of the convergence of modern physics and mysticism in Fritjof Capra's book The Tao of Physics. (18)

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