1. Since the deepest level of BI'M II involves experiences described by many religions as being in hell, a few references to spiritual systems seem appropriate at this point. Hell is crossculturally defined as involving unbearable tortures without end; it is an experience of eternal suffering. The element of hope lessness is a necessary experiential attribute of hell; the experience of enormous physical and emotional pain where there is hope for release is not hell but purgatory. It seems that mainstream Christian theology has made the same mistake as some LSD subjects and confused psychological time with clock-time. In spiritual systems that have a deeper understanding of consciousness, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, one does not stay forever in hells or heavens; when one is experiencing infernal or paradisiacal states, it subjectively feels like they will last forever. Eternity should not be confused with an infinitely long period of historical time. It is a state where linear time is experientially transcended and ceases to exist.

2. This apparent paradox requires a few words of explanation. According to observations from LSD psychotherapy, most cases of impotence and frigidity are not based on lack of libidinal drive, but on excess of volcanic instinctual energies related to BPM III. It is unconscious fear of unleashing these forces and a need to control them that interferes with the sexual act. When these excess energies are discharged in a non-sexual context, they reach a level of intensity which the individual can comfortably handle in a sexual situation.

This understanding of sexual disturbances is supported by the clinical observation that impotence and frigidity change into temporary hypersexuality in the course of successful treatment along these lines.

3. In recent years there has been a trend among surgeons to use ketamine only in children and old persons despite its biological safety and special advantages as an anesthetic. The reason for this has been the occurrence of certain psychological states during awakening that have been referred to as emergence phenomena. This reflects basic ignorance of the nature of the ketamine effects. Since extraordinary psychedelic-type experiences are the very essence of the ketamine action, every administration of this drug should be preceded by specific instructions which make it clear that a very unusual type of anesthetic is being used.

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