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Preface "

Acknowledgments 13

1. History of LSD Therapy 17

The Discovery of LSD and its Psychedelic Effects 17

Early Laboratory and Clinical LSD Research 20

Therapeutic Experimentation With LSD 22

Studies of Chemotherapeutic Properties of LSD 24

LSD-Assisted Psychotherapy ; - - 28

The Need for a Comprehensive Theory of LSD Therapy 42

2. Critical Variables in LSD Therapy 47

Pharmacological Effects of LSD 47

Personality of the Subject 52

Personality of the Therapist or Guide 89

Set and Setting of the Sessions 108


Towards an Integration of Approaches 119

The Search for an Effective Technique of LSD Psychotherapy 119

Advantages and Drawbacks of the Psycholytic Approach 123

Pros and Cons of Psychedelic Therapy 126

4. Principles of LSD Psychotherapy 131

The Preparation Period 131

Psychedelic Sessions 148

Integration of the Drug Experiences 159

5. Complications of LSD Psychotherapy:

Occurrence, Prevention, and Therapeutic Measures 163

Physical and Emotional Contraindications 163

Critical Situations in LSD Sessions 166

Adverse Aftereffects of LSD Psychotherapy 185

Prevention and Management of Complications in LSD Psychotherapy 195

6. The Course of LSD Psychotherapy 201

Changes in the Content of Psychedelic Sessions 203

Emotional and Psychosomatic Changes in the Post-Session Intervals 218

Long-Term Changes in the Personality Structure, World-View, and

Hierarchy of Basic Values 227

7. Indications for LSD Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Potential, and Clinical Results 233

Problems in the Evaluation of Clinical Results 233

Depressions, Neuroses and Psychosomatic Symptoms 237

Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Character Disorders and

Sexual Deviations 240

Borderline Psychotic States and Endogenous Psychoses 244

Emotional Distress and Physical Pain of Dying Individuals 255

8. Non-Therapeutic Uses of LSD 257

Training Sessions of Mental Health Professionals 257

Administration of LSD to Creative Individuals 259

Drug-Induced Religious and Mystical Experiences 262

Role of LSD in Personal Growth and Self-Actualization 268

Use of LSD in the Development of Paranormal Abilities 269

9. Effective Therapeutic Mechanisms of LSD Therapy 275

Intensification of Conventional Therapeutic Mechanisms 276

Changes in the Dynamics of Governing Systems 277

Therapeutic Potential of the Death-Rebirth Process 279

Therapeutic Mechanisms on the Transpersonal Level 287

Epilogue: The Future of LSD Psychotherapy 297

Bibliography 300

Appendix I Crisis Intervention in Situations Related to Unsupervised

Use of Psychedelics 306

Appendix II The Effects of LSD on Chromosomes, Genetic Mutation,

Fetal Development and Malignancy 318

References 341

Index 348

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