examples. In this context it should also be emphasized that the new cartography of the mind that has emerged from psychedelic research includes and integrates certain essential elements from various spiritual traditions. This is an important step in bridging the colossal gap that has existed in the past between the religious systems and various schools of psychology, with the exceptions of the Jungian orientation and Assagioli's psychosynthesis.

The theoretical importance of the data from psychedelic research extends far beyond the realms of psychiatry and psychology. It is also of immediate or potential relevance for a broad spectrum of other disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, politics, general medicine, obstetrics, thanatology, religion, philosophy, mythology and art.

By far the most surprising and exciting connections seem to exist between the psychedelic material and modern physics. Some of the challenging observations from LSD sessions that cannot be accommodated and integrated into the Cartesian-Newtonian model seem to be perfectly compatible with the world-view emerging from quantum-relativistic physics. In view of the recent rapid convergence between mysticism, physics and consciousness, the LSD data could contribute significantly to our understanding of the nature of reality.

Stanislav Grof Big Sur, California April, 1979

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