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Observations from psycholytic therapy provide important clues to how this can be done most effectively. Spontaneous experiences of tension-free, oceanic ecstasy in psychedelic sessions are typically associated with visions of beautiful natural scenes such as clear lakes, calm oceans, tropical islands, luscious forests, flourishing meadows, and blue or star-filled skies. Equally common in this contcxt is experiential confrontation with artistic creations of high aesthetic value— visions of beautiful temples, sculptures or paintings, and spontaneous hallucinations of inspiring music. The experience quite regularly has a definite spiritual and mystical emphasis, and this typically takes the form of enchantment with the mysteries of nature and the creative forces of the Universe, although concrete archetypal symbolism related to specific religions and mythologies of different cultures is as frequent. Some patients also report quite authentic experiences of the good womb and good breast, as well as episodes involving ideal maternal care, love, and friendship.

Many of the above elements that occur spontaneously in the context of ecstatic episodes in LSD sessions have been routinely used by psychedelic and ana-clitic therapists as tools facilitating positive experiences. Walks in nature and the use of various objects reflecting nature's creativity, beautiful pieces of art, symbolic paintings of the sacred traditions, sculptures related to various spiritual disciplines, readings from religious texts, and the use of physical contact can be mentioned here as salient examples. Although the positive influence of these factors was discovered empirically, their use can be theoretically justified and their unusual efficacy explained on the basis of a deep unconscious association between oceanic ecstasy and the experiences of natural beauty, inspired artistic creations, spiritual feelings, and highly satisfactory human relationships. Some of these elements and principles should be integrated in a comprehensive program of LSD therapy; they facilitate the occurrence of positive experiences during psychedelic sessions, as well as in the termination periods. This makes psychedelic treatment more meaningful and effective and increases its therapeutic potential.

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