Effective Therapeutic Mechanisms Of Lsd Therapy

Intensification of Conventional Therapeutic

Mechanisms Changes in the Dynamics of Governing Systems Therapeutic Potential of the Death-Rebirth Process

Therapeutic Mechanisms on the Transpersonal

The extraordinary and often dramatic effects of the LSD process on various emotional and psychosomatic symptoms quite naturally give rise to questions about the therapeutic mechanisms involved in these changes. Although the dynamics of some of these transformations can be explained along conventional lines, the majority appear to involve processes as yet undiscovered or unacknowledged by traditional psychology and psychiatry. This does not mean that these phenomena have never been encountered or discussed before. Descriptions of some of these mechanisms are found in the religious literature describing spiritual healing and its effects on emotional or psychosomatic illnesses. Anthropologists may also recognize elements that occur in shamanic practices, aboriginal rites of passage, and various healing ceremonies.

It has already been mentioned that LSD does not have any intrinsic therapeutic properties related simply to its pharmacological effects. It is necessary to structure and approach the experience in a specific way to make the emergence of unconscious material therapeutic rather than destructive. Analysis of the observations from LSD psychotherapy suggests that the therapeutic changes that take place are very complex and cannot be reduced to a single common denominator. The LSD experience appears to involve a variety of factors on many different levels; each has distinct therapeutic potential and can be utilized for effective treatment and personality change. In the following text we will briefly discuss the most important mechanisms of this kind operating in LSD sessions. The richness of opportunities for deep dynamic shifts and transformations that is characteristic of psychedelic states seems to make LSD a very special adjunct to psychotherapy.


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