Related Psychopathological Syndromes schizophrenic psychoses (sadomasochistic and scatological elements, automutila-tion, abnormal sexual behavior); agitated depression, sexual deviations (sadomasochism, male homosexuality, drinking of urine, eating of feces); obsessive-compulsive neuroses; psychogenic asthma, tics, stammering; conversion and anxiety hysteria; frigidity and impotence; neurasthenia; traumatic neuroses; organ neuroses; migraine headache; enuresis and encopressis; psoriasis; peptic ulcer

\ Corresponding Activities in Freudian Erotogenic Zones chewing and swallowing of food; oral aggression and destruction of an object; i process of defecation and urination; anal and urethral aggression; sexual orgasm; phallic aggression; delivering of a child, statoacoustic eroticism (jolting, gymnastics, fancy diving, parachuting)

Associated Memories from Postnatal Life t struggles, fights and adventurous activities (active attacks in battles and revolutions, experiences in military service, rough airplane flights, cruises on stormy oceans, hazardous car-driving, boxing); highly sensual memories (carnivals, . amusement parks and nightclubs, wild parties, sexual orgies, etc.); childhood observations of adult sexual activities; experiences of seduction and rape; in females, delivery of their own children

Phenomenology in LSD Sessions intensification of suffering to cosmic dimensions; borderline between pain and pleasure; "volcanic" type of ecstasy; brilliant colors; explosions and fireworks; sadomasochistic orgies; murders and bloody sacrifice, active engagement in fierce battles; atmosphere of wild adventure and dangerous explorations; intense sexual orgiastic feelings and scenes of harems and carnivals; experiences of dying and being reborn; religions involving bloody sacrifice (Aztecs, Christ's suffering and death on the cross, Dionysus, etc.); intense physical manifestations (pressures and pains, suffocation, muscular tension and discharge in tremors and twitches, nausea and vomiting, hot flushes and chills, sweating, cardiac distress, problems of sphincter control, ringing in the ears)

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