Bpm I

Related Psychopathological Syndromes schizophrenic psychoses (paranoid symptomatology, feelings of mystical union, encounter with metaphysical evil forces, karmic experiences); hypochondriasis (based on strange and bizarre physical sensations); hysterical hallucinosis and confusing daydreams with reality

Corresponding Activities in Freudian Erotogenic Zones libidinal satisfaction in all erogenic zones; libidinal feelings during rocking and bathing; partial approximation to this condition after oral, anal, urethral, or genital satisfaction and after delivery of a child

Associated Memories from Postnatal Life situations from later life where important needs are satisfied, such as happy moments from infancy and childhood (good mothering, play with peers, harmonious periods in the family, etc.), fulfilling love, romances; trips or vacations in beautiful natilral settings; exposure to artistic creations of high aesthetic value; swimming in the ocean and clear lakes, etc.

Phenomenology in LSD Sessions undisturbed intrauterine life: realistic recollections of "good womb" experiences; "oceanic" type of ectasy; experience of cosmic unity; visions of Paradise; disturbances of intrauterine life: realistic recollections of "bad womb experiences" (fetal crises, diseases and emotional upheavals of the mother, twin situation, attempted abortions), cosmic engulfment; paranoid ideation; unpleasant physical sensations ("hangover," chills and fine spasms, unpleasant tastes, disgust, feelings of being poisoned); association with various transpersonal experiences (archetypal elements, racial and evolutionary memories, encounter with metaphysical forces, past-incarnation experiences, etc.)

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