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Crisis Intervention in Situations Related to Unsupervised Use of Psychedelics

Since the mid-sixties, when experimentation with LSD and other psychedelics moved from psychiatric institutes and clinics to private homes and public places, the role of mental health professionals in regard to these substances has been drastically redefined. Instead of being in the forefront as experimenters and researchers they have become the rescuers and undertakers called upon to deal with the casualties of the psychedelic scene. This development has contributed considerably to the present attitudes of most professionals toward these drugs; the primary focus of psychiatrists and psychologists has shifted from the therapeutic potential of psychedelics to their dangers. In the highly emotional atmosphere created by sensational publicity, professionals have allowed their image of LSD to be shaped by journalists and newspaper headlines rather than scientific data generated by research. Consequently, the casualties and complications of unsupervised experimentation with LSD, instead of being attributed to irresponsible and ignorant use, have been interpreted as reflecting dangers inherent in the drug itself.

Restrictive legislation has practically destroyed scientific research of psychedelic substances, but has not been very effective in curbing unsupervised experimentation. While samples of psychedelic drugs of doubtful quality are readily available in the streets and on college campuses, it is nearly impossible for a serious researcher to get a license for scientific investigation of their effects. As a result of this, professionals are in a very paradoxical situation: they are expected to give expert help in an area in which they are not allowed to conduct research and generate new scientific information. The widespread use of psychedelics and relatively high incidence of drug-related problems are in sharp contrast to the lack of understanding of the phenomena involved; this is true for the general public as well as the majority of mental health professionals.

This situation has very serious practical consequences. Various emergencies associated with psychedelic drug use are handled in a way that is at best ineffective, but more likely counter-productive and harmful. Crisis intervention in psychedelic sessions and treatment of the long-term adverse effects of unsupervised self-experimentation are issues of such medical and social relevance that they deserve special attention. Much of the information that is essential for understanding the problems involved and for an effective approach to this area has been presented in various sections of this book. However, because of the importance of the problem I will briefly review the most pertinent data here and apply them to the area in question.

Continue reading here: The Nature And Dynamics Of Psychedelic Crises

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