Other drugs of interest

Marijuana is also typically present at raves. Any combination of other drugs (prescription pills, cocaine, meth, heroin, etc.) may be found, though large quantities or widespread use is not likely. Organized drug traffickers for even the "normal drugs" may jump into the fray because it is a moneymaking proposition, with a captive audience of thousands of youth eager to partake and experiment. Florida, for example, found organized and even gang-related drug dealing of the entire spectrum of drugs in their undercover work.

Another LSD-like hallucinogen that sometimes surfaces is dimethyltryptamine (DMT, aka businessman's lunch or special), which comes from the leaves of a vine (piptadenia peregrina). The entire DMT experience develops and ends within an hour. The experience is similar to LSD but causes more anxiety attacks than LSD.

Bufotenine and 5-methoxy dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) are found in the glands of some frogs and produce brief, hallucinogenic highs and dangerous side effects. Peyote cactus (mescaline) may also be encountered. The buttons may be smoked, chewed, powdered or consumed in tea. Physical effects are closer to amphetamines, but the experience will be similar to LSD.

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