Secondary Pharmacology of Hp

As mentioned above, Hp is used traditionally to enhance digestion, and this is acknowledged in the literature. The Hp constituent, acteoside, has been described in a short report of animal studies as a new hypertensive agent [51] and has been shown to have cardioprotective effects in vitro [52]. However, these studies were not well designed and lacked adequate control experiments. But interestingly, extracts of Hp have also been shown to have antiarythmic properties [53-56]. In light of the suggestion that Hp may be an alternative to NSAIDs, these positive effects on gastrointestinal and cardiovascular function are encouraging. However, it should be mentioned that because Hp activates the upper gastrointestinal tract, there may be cause for concern for administration to individuals prone to peptic ulcer. But such problems have never been reported despite the widespread use of Hp extracts.

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