Step 6 Purification

Oil produced using this method is quite potent, but still contains substances which give the oil its tas'.::, smell, and color. These are sometimes very pleasant to smoke, and one may decide to leave them in the oil. Removing them, however, greatly increases the potency, but decreases the yield proportionally.

Dissolve the oil from the extraction in five times its weight of alcohol and pour the solution into an equal volume of water in a large glass jug with a screw-on cap. Make certain that the oil, water, and alcohol mixture is not warm. Add a volume of petroleum ether equal to half the volume of the water used. Tighten the screw cap and invert the jug. Turn upright immediately and after waiting a few seconds for the mixture to run down the sides of the jug, slowly open the screw cap to relieve the pressure. Repeat the inversion of the jug about twenty-five times, releasing the pressure each time, and then let the jug sit for about half an hour. The mixture of liquids will ¬°eparate into three distinct layers. The bottom layer will contain water, alcohol, and the substances in the oil (tars and resins) which are not soluble in petroleum ether. The thin middle layer is an emulsion of waxes, ether, and air bubbles. The top layer is the purified oil dissolved in petroleum ether.

Fit the jug with a two-holed rubber stopper, glass tubing, and rubber hose. Two pieces of glass tubing are fitted into the two-holed rubber stopper. Be sure to remove the sharp edges by heating the tubing in a gas flame. When fitting the tubing, hold it in a thick towel, as the glass is likely to break and cut your hands. One piece of tubing need only protrude from the stopper an inch on each side. Position the other tube so that when the stopper is tightly fitted to the jug, the tube extends into the mixture to a half-inch from the bottom of the ether-oil layer. Attach to the other end of the tube a length of rubber tubing to transfer the ether-oil solution to a collection jug. The end of the tubing must be lower than the end of the tube in the ether-oil solution to obtain a siphon action. Attach a short piece of rubber tubing to the short glass tube and blow into it gently to start the siphon.

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