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After refluxing, it is necessary !o remove the oil-bearing solvent that remains still in the expended cannabis material. This is done by draining the dark oil-solvent liquid from the cannabis material and washing the material repeatedly with clean solvent. Obtain a vegetable-draining colan-

der to fit above the stainless steel pot mentioned before. The colander is fitted with a large coffee filter paper (twelve-inch David Douglas brand papers are quite adequate) and the cannabis-solvent-oil mixture is poured into the colander. The oil-bearing, dark-colored solvent-oil mixture drains from the bottom of the colander, free from particles of vegetable matter. The colander is then set on top of the stainless steel pot, now containing the alcohol-cannabis oil solution, and the apparatus is reassembled in the manner that it was for refluxing.

As the solvent-cannabis oil solution boils, the alcohol fumes rise until they meet the ice-cooled lid, and recondense into liquid. The oil does not evaporate and remains in the stainless steel pot. The drops of pure, recon densed solvent fall from the ice-cooled lid and drip through the colander containing the cannabis material. The oil remaining in the cannabis material is washed out and drains into the stainless steel pot. The oil is totally extracted when several drops of the liquid draining from the colander leave no colored residue when evaporated on a piece of glass. Before opening the apparatus after soxhlcting, it is necessary to cool the rig sufficiently to condense any fumes. This can be done by setting the stew pot in a tub of ice and water for several minutes. A thick blanket can be kept soaking in the tub. This is an excellent safety measure, as a water-soaked blanket is an excellent fire extinguisher.

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