Step 1 Preparing the marijuana or hashish

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if marijuana is to be used as a starting material the seeds must be removed prior to extraction. The remaining material is then crumbled or broken and the stems cut short with scissors. The marijuana should be thoroughly dried. Preheat an oven to 250°'F. and then turn it off. Place the marijuana on a cookie sheet for fifteen-minute intervals until the loose leaf and flower parts may be easily crumbled to powder between the palms. Be careful not to scorch the plant.

Hashish may be heated for several minutes in an oven or in a, frying pan at low heat until it begins to smoke slightly. It is then easilv crumbled in the hands, or, if a mortar and pestle is available, it may be ground to a fine powder. Do not let the powdered hashish sit exposed to the air for long periods as this will decrease the potency.

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