Isolating the cannabinoids from hashish

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The National Institute of Mental Health supplied 13 kg of confiscated hashish, origin unknown. The hashish was extracted in a stainless steel pot using 95% ethyl alcohol at 50°C. and was stirred for five hours. A second and third extraction was then completed using 32 liters for 24 hours and 20 liters for 72 hours respectively. The combination of these two mixtures was washed with 5 liters of 50% aqueous ethanol. The solvent was then removed in vacuum at 40°C. to provide a 22.9% recovery, or 3056 gm. This is shown by gas layer chromatography to contain 29.5% cannabidiol, 8.2% cannabinol, and 5.8% A9-THC. Floristl (30.5 kg) and methanol (2%) in hexane were used to chromatograph this oil. The resulting dark oil contained 50% cannabidiol, 20% cannabinol, 15% A9-THC, and 15% unidenti fied components. Although using Florisil (40:1) provided essentially pure cannabidiol by gas layer chromatography, the product could not be induced to crystallize. Crystallized cannabidiol is obtained by using the following modified procedure of Roger Adams.

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