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Attaining happiness is not easy for some. However, this does not mean that it is impossible at all. In fact, no matter how variant or abstract it can become, you can always achieve eternal happiness by following science-backed techniques stated in You, Me And Happiness. It is a book written by Helen Muller who herself have experienced the true essence of happiness by researching for years about the ways to attain it. Ultimately, her research has given her the knowledge of the Integration Method (I'm I Am), which is the amalgam of Science, Biology, Emotion and Spirituality, and the Law of Attraction. As you can see, the three lost elements are blended with the law that educates us about the gravity in us. The PDF book essentially focuses on helping you achieve this blend without putting much effort. Not only this, it comes with bonuses unique to each program offered. The one-month program has You, Me And Happiness Workbook and a Monthly Planner. However, the 1-year program has You, me And Happiness Workbook, Four Keys to Happiness, Time for Time, and Focus on Goals as bonuses. All of the bonuses are guides downloadable and printable.

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable book so that purchasers of You, Me And Happiness can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Increased integration of personality ia the bailo inward change in the personal telf Undesirable traits may be facod ia

Iaauing from personal Integration, the sense of ona'a inner authority nay he strengthened, and the vigor and dynamic quality of a person'a life may he Increased. Creativity and greater achievement efficiency may be released. There may be an inner optimistic tone with consequent increase in feelings of happiness, Joy, and peace. (2) Changes in attitude and behavior toward others include mora sensitivity, more tolerance, mora real love, and more authenticity aa a person by being more open and mora one's truo self with others, (3) Changes toward life in a positive direction include philosophy of life, cenae of values, sense of meaning end purpose, vocational committment, noed for 3crvice to others, and new appreciation for life cr the whole cf creation. Life may aeea richer, Tha senae of reverence may be increased, and more t.iBe siay be spent in devotional life and meditation, (U) Positive change toward tho experience means that it is regarded 3 valuablo and that what has been learned...

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One user describes the experience as lacking in feelings of happiness, or love, or sexual impulses a lack that sets amanita apart from many drugs that are used recreationally. A scientist who engaged in self-experimentation had similar results of emptiness. Of 6 subjects who received the mushroom in an experiment, all were nauseated, 2 vomited, 1 had hallucinations, and several had sensory distortions. None cared to repeat the experience. The supervising researcher wondered if variations in supplies of the natural product explained why the experiment's results differed so greatly from hallucinations and pleasures reported by other persons. Personality, expectations, and surrounding environment can shape the experience. A researcher interviewed 18 persons who ate Amanita muscaria or Amanita pantherina half had eaten the mushrooms deliberately, and half thought they were consuming something else. Every person who accidentally ate the substance found its actions unpleasant. In...

Preventing Substance Abuse

Another approach designed to decrease drug abuse focused on enhancing self-esteem. Self-esteem correlates with drug consumption in some studies (Hoefler et al., 1999), suggesting that an improved sense of pride and efficacy might prevent substance abuse. Prevention programs of this ilk boosted perceptions of self-worth quite consistently. Paradoxically, some studies found higher self-esteem was associated with more drug use (Newcomb, McCarthy, & Bentler, 1989 Stein, Newcomb, & Bentler, 1996). Perhaps individuals felt so confident that they believed they could handle drugs without developing problems. Although improving positive feelings about individual successes and personal qualities may increase happiness, these strategies do not prevent drug consumption (Donaldson et al., 1996).

Deliberate And Accidental Distortions

Occasionally a detached out-caste observer catches the error. To point out that two times four is eight invites rejection as a crank or trouble-maker. Only the person who understands the principle can detect and correct the errors which creep into all communication systems. Consider the distortion which converted Jefferson's Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness to Kennedy's insectoid Ask what you can do for your hive. Consider the distortion which converted Jefferson's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to Kennedy's insectoid ask what you can do for your hive.

Psychological And Physical Effects Of Ecstasy

The most well-known effect of Ecstasy is its ability to produce intense feelings of happiness, well-being, confidence, loss of inhibitions, and closeness to others. Ecstasy also produces strong feelings of empathy (the ability to identify with and share other people's feelings) and often makes the users feel like they love and want to hug everyone (hence its name, the hug or love drug). Ecstasy can also produce a mild rush or euphoria, although not nearly as intense as

War on Youth War on Future

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas was never a book. It was and is one man's attempt to come to terms with the loneliness of pure perception, unutterable fatigue with, and flight from, America's dysfunctional over-indulgence. The fright of confronting America's sickness inside his own skin drove the poor bastard on a trip to his own destruction, bringing him face to face with a mirror image of himself. In his heroic attempt to escape the dark morass of America's screaming lifestyle he sold his soul to the devil for one moment of happiness. Like Faust he lives in mortal torment, but unlike Faust he quite enjoys it but the sonofabitch would, wouldn't he 26

Contentanalysis data 2 Itemst C3 Joyi

No Individual items under blessedness and peace were significant (p greater than .063 in all cases). When only the strong scores were used, exultation (P39), ecstasy (F13), delight (F29), and joy (F39) remained significant (p less than .032), but important items which lost their significant difference were ecstatic joy (PS2) and joy (C3) (p less than .063).

Self Perceptions of Motivation

Never smoked more than 10 times in a month. The 45 heavy smokers used cannabis daily for at least 2 years. Heavy smokers also consumed more illicit drugs than occasional users, which may account for some differences between the groups. The groups did not differ in mental health, anxiety, depression, emotional control, or happiness. Yet the heavy smokers reported that marijuana was more likely to impair their motivation. The result was statistically significant, but the investigators did not correct for the large number of variables that they examined. Thus, this finding may have appeared by chance. If it did not appear by chance, then heavy users think that marijuana impairs their motivation more than occasional users. Oddly, despite the potential deficit in motivation, heavy users reported a trend toward greater life satisfaction. Again, the investigators did not correct for the large number of comparisons, so this finding

The Politics of Ecstasy

The hesitance to be happy and relaxed, full of self-knowledge and self-love, comes from our comfort with our own self-hatred. On a very deep subconscious level we are sure that we do not deserve love and happiness. We believe that we have done bad things in our lives and deserve to be pun- ished. And more than that it is bad to shine, to be proud, to take the time to learn to be comfortable in our own skin and to love ourselves. The politics of Ecstasy rests on the bedrock of this fear the fear of self-love, of enlightenment, and of our own greatness, purity, and strength. In our culture we have been taught that we must have guilt with pleasure, because we do not deserve pure pleasure. The ecstatic experience is proscribed and its adherents prosecuted and punished, because Ecstasy and enlightenment are subversive.

Promising Psychological Treatments for Marijuana Problems

Stereotypical depictions of the process often emphasize education, empathy, encouragement, and occasional insights. Ideally, these combine to alter actions, diminish problems, and increase happiness. The techniques and rationales of each of these treatments only provide a limited picture of the way they actually proceed.

Winged lion Colloquial term for LSD on paper

Winners Colloquial term for Al' and other 12 Step groups newcomers are recommended to search for persons who have demonstrated their capability to not just stay sober, but also to achieve a large measure of serenity and happiness while doing so - these latter are described as 'winners.

Historical Background of Herbal Drugs of Abuse

Approximately 3000 BCE P. somniferum was described as the plant of happiness on a Sumerian tablet 6 . Much evidence of the medical use and abuse of opium can be found in Egyptian, Greek, and Roman reports between 3000 and 1000 BCE 3 . Also, artifacts including vases and ornaments filled with crude opium were found and dated to this time frame 3 .

Ecgonine phenylacetylmethylester

The high usually begins with a light sickness feeling and thirst, tense muscles and sweating. After 30 minutes the euphoria occurs it has been described as a feeling of universal love and happiness and and urge to get emotional contact with all persons around. There is also a visual impact, the contours of things and persons fade and are colored. For some this is a nice dreamy stage when music, dance and stroboscopic lightning underline the hallucinations but for other or even for the same persons at another time the hallucination can be fearful and give anxiety. Under moderate doses the user seldom lose the complete control of the situation.

Ganodeima lucidum Wm Curtis Fries Karsten

Introduction A mushroom of many names, 3anodertna lucidum has been used medicinally by diverse peoples for The Japanese call this mushroom Reishi or Mannentake (10,000 Year Mushroom) whereas the Cliinese & Koreans know it as Ling Chi, Ling Chili, or Ling Zhi (Mushroom (Herb) of Immortality). Renowned for its health stimulating properties, this mushroom is more often depicted in ancient Chinese, Korean, & Japanese art than any other. I ing Ch' is traditionally associated with royalty, health & recuperation, longevity, sexual prowess, wisdom, and happiness Ling Chi has been depicted in royal tapestries, often portrayed with renowned sages of the era. For a t me, the Chinese even be eved this mushroom could bring the dead to life when a tincture specifically made from it was laid upon one's chest.

Eucalyptine pholcodine Pholcodine Eucardin Phenobarbital Eucodal Oxycodone

Eufodrinal Metamfetamine hydrochloride. Eufomania 1. Pathological craving for feelings of happiness. 2. Older synonym for drug addiction. Euphoria 1. A feeling of great happiness or well-being. 2. 4-methylaminorex. Greek, from euphoros, healthy, eu-, pherein, carry. Euphoriant A drug that tends to produce euphoria.

Intoxications And The Oldest Known Mushroom Cult In Africa

His wife also reported delusions, and she felt that she was inside the tube that was part of the apparatus used for pumping her stomach at the time. She believed that she was going to die and she was afraid of death. She had laughing fits and felt sensations that alternated between happiness and depression. Both patients had their stomachs pumped and recovered completely within six hours.

Steps in Pain Perception

There is a descending system of nerves through the spinal cord back to the dorsal horn cells which can inhibit or enhance the pain perceived. Various neurotransmitters are involved. Descending inhibition damps down incoming pain impulses, providing analgesia. It operates when, for example, someone is injured but feels no pain until away from the site of danger. Inhibitory signals travel from the brain down the spinal cord and damp down incoming pain impulses. Similarly pain may be increased. This is the mechanism by which for example, happiness or distraction will reduce pain, whilst depression, anxiety or sleeplessness will aggravate it.

Brief History Of Psychedelics

Female Stimulation Guide

Reinforced through newspapers, television, government, religions, schools, and the hierarchical structure of society. All of these organizations are dominated by people with neophobic mindsets. Most also possess the Judaeo-Christian concepts that humans are evil, sex is evil, we are beneath Gods, we will be eternally punished if we disobey the rules of the church, or, heaven forbid, take a psychedelic and try to experience an ecstatic state of happiness.

Ti This category is for any persisting changes positive or

A result of what occurred during the experience. (For example, from a radical experience of death and rebirth, or conversion, or as an effect of insight which was gained in the depth of the experience and gradually utilized later.) Undesirable traits may be faced in a way that they can be dealt with and finally reduced or eliminated. Issuing from personal integration, the sense of one's inner authority may be strengthened, and the vigor and dynamic quality of life may be increased. Creativity and greater achievement-efficiency may be released. There may be an inner optimistic tone with consequent increase in feelings of happiness, joy, and peace.

Psychological Effects of MDMA

The subjective effects of MDMA turned out to be highly robust, despite some differences in the experimental settings (Vollenweider et al. 1998 Gamma et al. 2000b Liechti and Vollenweider 2000a,b Liechti et al. 2000a,b). Analysis of the pooled data of all studies, including seventy-four subjects (Liechti et al. 2001a), showed that most subjects under MDMA experienced a state of profound well-being and happiness, increased extroversion and sociability, heightened emotional sensitivity, and slight derealization. In general, subjects felt carefree and relaxed. Physical sensations were described as more pleasurable than usual. The perception of space and time was altered, and subjects felt dreamy or lost in thought. MDMA induced few perceptual changes.

The Age of Enlightenment

The 18th Century ushered in a new era of human thought and civilization Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness declared the colonists in America. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity replied their French cousins. The concepts of modern constitutional government, which guaranteed human rights and separation of church and state, were unified into a policy designed to protect citizens from intolerant and arbitrary laws.

Cannabis in India ancient lore and modern medicine

There is philological debate among Sanskrit scholars as to whether the identification of bhanga as cannabis can be authenticated before the year 1000 25, 26 . Wujastyk 26 and Meulenbeld 25 dated the Anandakanda, or Root of Bliss, to c.1200, also noting its full accounting of cannabis' side effects. Their candidate for the first uncontested source for cannabis is the Cikitsasarasangraha of the Bengal author Vangasena, in the late 11th century, who included bhanga as an appetizer and digestive, noting it as a drug like opium whose mode of action is to pervade the whole body before being absorbed and digested 26 . It was also suggested in two recipes for a long and happy life. A contemporary work, the Dhanvantariyanighantu, observed a narcotic effect 26 . gives happiness to mind

Their Sacred Healing and Hallucinogenic Powers

The more you go inside the world of Teonanacatl, the more things are seen. And you also see our past and our future, which are there together as a single thing already achieved, already happened. I saw stolen horses and buried cities, the existence of which was unknown, and they are going to be brought to light. Millions of things I saw and knew. I knew and saw God an immense clock that ticks, the spheres that go slowly around, and inside the stars, the earth, the entire universe, the day and the night, the cry and the smile, the happiness and the pain. He who knows to the end the secret of Teonanacatl can even see that infinite clockwork.


I'll rephrase the question What is the most important thing in your life right now I am going to take a guess that you are not going to say your sports car, going out for a meal at the weekend, going down to the pub to relax after work, your career, your lovely house, or going on holiday this year. I am going to take a huge gamble and come out and say it. I think the most important thing to you in life is (a) your family (parents children partner), their health and their happiness and (b) your own health and happiness. Am I right, or even close to being right

The High

Ecstatic feelings of love and happiness, affinity for other people, feeling of being at home with one's self and the universe, flowing visions with more intricacy, beauty, and color than anything found in nature, sound which one can taste and feel with heart and soul, a sense of suspension in time and feeling akin with eternity and infinity, a brilliantly lucid mind able to see itself from vast and novel perspectives, an overwhelming tide of emotions These are the feelings that are common with LSD and most other psychedelics. One should also be prepared for the negative side confusion, frightful visions and images, fear of dying or losing control, feeling controlled by and unable to escape from the definitions one has grown accustomed to, or being overwhelmed by the immensity of life.

N0c 1b0

Welcome, to Treating Yourself We are printing a publication that provides information, personal stories and a bit of marijuana & hemp awareness, combined with a holistic approach to life and medicine (sorry, I couldn't even come close to making that sentence smaller ). I am an environmentalist. I believe in the conservation of our irreplaceable resources balanced against leading a fulfilling and happy life. I was a progressive conservative, but now I am just adrift. And, I want an answer to the question when it comes to using marijuana Who am I hurting

Psychotic Reactions

Just as meaningful as the external milieu of the LSD experience, if not even more important, is the mental condition of the experimenters, their current state of mind, their attitude to the drug experience, and their expectations associated with it. Even unconscious feelings of happiness or fear can have an effect. LSD tends to intensify the actual psychic state. A feeling of happiness can be heightened to bliss, a depression can


We could very well end this topic now by congratulating ourselves on a job well done. Companies make the stuff we want. We buy it. People are kept in work. Money is generated, money is spent. Perfect. Well almost, if it weren't for the fact that the whole process is building up momentum, until now, the happiness and success of everyone depends on us making and buying more and more stuff, whatever the cost. So it looks as though we are stuck in this never ending cycle of manufacture and purchasing. If it stops, who knows what would happen to the world we live in. Unfortunately, the situation is so grave that we should be asking ourselves what will happen to the world we live in if we continue the way we are going Or, how long have we got before the resources eventually run out And what will happen to my happiness once no one is making new stuff I can buy We need to consider this carefully.


From central Asia and the Middle East, the drug spread to Greece. In his epic story the Odyssey, the great Greek author Homer describes a drug called nepenthe, which many scholars believe was a liquid brew in which the most active ingredient was marijuana. The ancient Romans also employed marijuana as an intoxicant, according to the Roman author and physician Galen. In the second century a.d. Galen recorded that Romans would often serve marijuana to guests at banquets to promote hilarity and happiness. Marijuana was also popular in the early Muslim world. Like upper-caste Hindus, devout Muslims were not allowed to drink alcohol. Long before a.d. 1000 the drug not only appeared in the Muslim world but also became a part of Muslim culture.


The business of politics has nothing to do with ensuring the well-being and happiness of all on the planet, but is actually an end unto itself. Do you follow What we are saying is that the objective of politics is just politics, where the participants are engaged in a continual tug of war (any hard struggle between equally matched groups). Sometimes one team wins, sometimes the other team wins. And they continue to struggle. Day in, day out. Year after year. Decade after decade. Century after century. And what gets done Politics.


What I mean is, why bother putting yourself through all of these changes, if no one else gives a damn. They are busy just enjoying their lives, earning money, they don't look like they have a care in the world. These people may look happy, but deep down they are deeply unhappy, say the spiritual lot. Yeah Well maybe they are superficially happy, but as long as that superficial happiness lasts about seventy years, they'll have a pretty good time.


It is not real, it is an imaginary concept created by a mind that is constantly grasping for more, constantly striving to gain more status, more money, more happiness, but the thoughts your mind gives you, those are the real illusion.

Valious Visitors

She had gone on a business trip as a commercial apprentice. They spent the night in a mountain hotel. H. S. awoke very early and left the house alone in order to watch the sunrise. As the mountains began to light up in a sea of rays, she was perfused by an unprecedented feeling of happiness, which persisted even after she joined the other participants of the trip at morning service in the chapel. During the Mass everything appeared to her in a supernatural luster, and the feeling of happiness intensified to such an extent that she had to cry loudly. She was brought back to the hotel and treated as someone with a mental disorder.

Various Realities

In the southern part of our continent this concept of reality began to be formed. The Hellenistic-European agonistic principle of victory through effort, cunning, malice, talent, force, and later, European Darwinism and superman, was instrumental in its formation. The ego emerged, dominated, fought for this it needed instruments, material, power. It had a different relationship to matter, more removed sensually, but closer formally. It analyzed matter, tested, sorted weapons, object of exchange, ransom money. It clarified matter through isolation, reduced it to formulas, took pieces out of it, divided it up. Matter became a concept which hung like a disaster over the West, with which the West fought, without grasping it, to which it sacrified enormous quantities of blood and happiness a concept whose inner tension and fragmentations it was impossible to dissolve through a natural viewing or methodical insight into the inherent unity and peace of prelogical forms of being . . ....

W Spotlight

Time was coming to an end, it was like the lights were dimmed and turned off when I left the visitation room. I felt like a fish that was taken from an ocean and put into a 10 gallon tank. After I returned to my cell, it took about 10 to 15 minutes for me to slowly make the transition back inside. It was strange, because as long as I had my mind on the outside world, nothing in the inside looked good. We were so restricted and controlled that I can honestly say that I know how dogs feel when they are neglected. Like a dog, I would really get excited before we were going to get our meals. And the appreciation level I felt while I was eating was over five times the happiness I would feel when I was eating in the outside world. If I was in the outside world, you would practically have to force feed me the food we ate here, but there in the inside I enjoyed every bite. I appreciated the simple things like apple juice, rice, and miso soup. Also before my arrest, you would have to force me...

Veronal um Barbital

Original title Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss. Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Originally Die Sehnsucht de Veronika Voss. Fassbinder spin on Sunset Boulevard stars Ro-sel Zech as film actress Veronika Voss. Once the toast of Germany, Veronika had allegedly been an intimate of Joseph Gobbels. But the Third Reich is dead and Veronika may as well be. Playing to an increasingly diminishing fan following, Veronika turns to drugs to cushion her against the cruelties of life. Her self-destruction is accelerated by her Doctor Feelgood Annemaire. Duringer, who plys Veronika with morphine in order to gain control of the actress' money and property. Well-meaning sportswriter Hilmar Thate tries to save Veronika from herself, sacrificing his own personal happiness-and the life of his girl friend Cornelia Froeboess-in the process. Allegedly an amalgam of several true stories, Veronika Voss is the last of Fassbinder's postwar trilogy (the first two were The...

Dopamine Effects

Research shows that alcohol produces particularly strong effects in individuals who possess a specific variant of a gene that influences the sensitivity of receptors for endogenous opioids. Individuals with this variant of the gene experience greater feelings of intoxication, stimulation, and happiness from alcohol use. These intensified feelings may cause the individual to crave alcohol, to use it more frequently, and therefore to be more susceptible to alcohol dependence.

Sanskrit Sources

'The operator then takes two pounds of sugar, and adding a little water, places it in a pipkin over the fire. When the sugar dissolves and froths, two ounces of milk are added a thick scum rises and is removed more milk and a little water are added from time to time, and the boiling continued about an hour, the solution being carefully stirred until it becomes an adhesive clear syrup, ready to solidify on a cold surface four ounces of tyre (new milk dried before the sun) in fine powder are now stirred in, and lastly the prepared butter of hemp is introduced, brisk stirring being continued for a few minutes. A few drops of attar of roses are then quickly sprinkled in, and the mixture poured from the pipkin on a flat cold dish or slab. The mass concretes immediately into a thick cake, which is divided into small lozenge-shaped pieces The taste is sweet and the odor very agreeable. Ameer states that sometimes by special order of customers he introduces stramonium seeds, but never nux...


Stress reduction is only about one thing and that is the realisation that the god of capitalism is a false god. He can no more help you to achieve happiness than I can. Once you let go of this longing for a better life, he will disappear. And you will be free to choose the life you want.

Hannahs Story

Serotonin Levels After Mdma

Hannah was so glad she had taken her friend's advice and tried X. This was the most wonderful feeling she had ever had. She was just overcome with happiness and love and energy . . . so alive All around her people were dancing and singing and kissing. Absolute euphoria Indescribable, she thought, totally indescribable. She felt like she was on the most amazingly large trampoline, jumping up so high, feet never touching the ground, flipping, spinning, soaring. She could do absolutely anything, she thought. Anything. Homework, parents, ex-boyfriend . . . who cares This was what life is all about, she decided. Not to mention, she had met so many beautiful people there already. No doubt she'd have like ten dates for next weekend

Mystical States

Good and evil, suffering and happiness, small and large. We now are certain that consciousness continues after the body dies, and that it existed long before this particular physical form. We see the entire universe in a blade of grass and know what our face was like before our parents met. Extraordinarily powerful feelings surge through our consciousness. We are ecstatic, and the intensity of this joy is such that our body cannot contain it it seems to need a temporarily disembodied state. While the bliss is pervasive, there's also an underlying peace and equanimity that's not affected by even this incredibly profound happiness. have no idea how long I was in this confluence of pure energy, or whatever however I might describe it. Finally I felt myself tumbling gently and sliding backward away from this Light, sliding down a ramp. I could see myself doing this, a naked, thin, luminescent childlike being that glowed with a warm, yellow light. My head was enlarged, and my body was that...


The history of Nirvana Seeil Company goes hack to the eml of the 1980s, when the founder was working ai Amsterdam's legendary I'ositronics growshop. The knowledge and inspiration he received there moved him to think about starting his own seed company. Years were spent traveling, seeking out and collecting seeds from the finest strains. More years wenl into experimentation, growing, cross breeding and developing Ihc new strains from among which Nirvana select ed the best to become their range of high quality hybrid seeds. After applying and expanding his experience in a number of Amsterdam's In-st known grow shops, he opened Nirvana in 1995. An innovative busi ness concept that developed into a full smart shop Nirvana has a unique and original range if self-devel oped hemp products, that include hemp vinegar, hem ice tea. and hemp liqueur as well as hemp wine and beer. Located in the heart of the picturesque I'ijp. the Nirvana shop lives up to lis...