Although the herb has erect stems, it often appears busny. It grows to approximately 8-12 in. (40-50cm) high. The light green stems and serrated loaves as well as the funnel-shaped f'ow-ers and fruits, are all pileous The herb blooms from January to July. The color of the flowers is light yellow with deep violet on the interior. The seeds have a whitish or ocher color, occasion ally a gray color.

This henbane was the most widely used magical herb and medicinal plant. The hallucino gen was an important medium in antiquity, used to promote a tiance and taken by oracles and divinitory women. In the ancient earth oracle of Gaia, it is the "dragon's herb." The goddess of the witches, Hecate, uses "crazy-maker" in the Kolch oracle. Late antiquity gives us "Zeus's Beans" in the oracle of Zeus-Ammon and the Roman god Jupiter. Inthe Delphi oracles of Apollo, who is the God of "prophetic insanity" it is known as "Apollo's Plant."

The entire plant contains the tropane alkaloids hyoscyamine and scopolamine

Helicostylis pedunculata Benoist


Moraceae (Mulberry Family)

Central f merica, tropicai 38 zones of South Ami ¡rica

In Papua New Guinea the natives are said to eat the leaves of a species of Homalomena with the leaves and bark of Galbuli-mima belgraveana to induce a violent condition ending in slumber, during which visions are ex perienced. The rhizomes have a number of uses in folk medicine, especially for the treatment of skin problems. In Malaya an unspecified part of a species was an ingredient of an arrow poison.

The species of Homalomena are small or large herbs with pleasantly aromatic rhizomes. The leaves are oblong ■ lanceolate or cordate-ovate borne on very short stems, rarely exceeding 6in. (15cm) in iength. The spathe usually per sists in fruit. The male and female portions of the spadix are proximate. The small berries are few or many-seeded.

The chemistry of this group of plants has not yet disclosed any hallucinogenic principle.

Henbane is a coarse annual or biennial, viscid, hairy, strong smelling herb up to about 30 in (76cm) tall. The leaves are entire or occasionally have a few large teeth, ovate, 6-8in. (1520 cm) long, the lower cauline amplexicaul leaves being oblong and smaller. The flowers, yellow or greenish yellow veined with purple, attain a length of about 11/2 in. (4cm) and are borne in two ranks in a scorpioid cyme. The fruit is a many-seeded capsule enclosed in the persistent calyx with its five triangular points becoming rigid. The seeds release a powerful and distinctive odor when squeezed.

In antiquity and the Middle Ages, Hyoscyamus nigerwas employed in Europe as an important ingred:ent of the witches' brews and ointments.. It not only-reduced nain but also induced oblivion

The active principles in this solanaceous genus are tropane alkaloids, especially scopolamine. Scopolamine is a potent hallucinogenic agent.

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