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Cannabis sativa L.; C. indica Lam.

In India, use of Cannab^ jas had religious significance.

Specimens near)«,©! years old haveturned up in an Egyptian site. I ®Jjj ||| o

In ancient TtwBS^hMant was made into a drink with opium-likj effects!^ UP

The Scythians, who threw Hemp seeds and leaves on hot stones in steam baths to produce an intoxicating smoke, grew the plant along the Voiga 3,000 years ago.

Chinese tradition puts the use of the plant back 4,800 years.

Indian medical writing, compiled before 1000 b.c., reports therapeutic uses of Cannabis.

The Greek physician Galen wrote, about a. d. 160, that general use of Cannabis in cakes produced intoxication.

In 13th-century Asia Minor, organized murderers, rewarded with Hashish, were known as hashishins, from which may come the term assassin in European languages.

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