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Conocybe siligineoides Heim Panaeolus sphinctrinus (Fr.) Quelet; Psilocybe acutissima Heini. P. aztecorum Heim; P. caerulescens Murr.; P. caerulescens Murr. var. albida Heim; P. caerulescens Murr. var. mazatecorum Heim; P. caerulescens Murr. var. nigripes Heim; P. caerulescens Murr. var. ombrophila Heim; P. mexicana Heim' P. Heim; P. semperviva Heim et Cailleux; P. wassonii Heim;

P. yungensis Singer; P. zapotecorum Heim; Psilocybe cubensis Earie

Mushroom worship seems to be rooted in centuries of native Indian tradition of Middle America

The Aztec Indians called the sacred mushrooms Teo-nanacatl; the Mazatec and Chinantec in northeastern Oaxaca, Mexico, refer to Panaeolus sphinctrinus as T-ha-na-sa, To-shka (Intoxicating mushroom"), and She-to ("pasture mushrooms"). While in Oa:aca Psilocybe cubensis is named Hongo de San Isidro, in the Mazatec language it is called Di-shi-tjo-le-rra-ja ("divine mushroom of manure").

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