Should this book succeed in giving Its readers a better understanding of the role of hallucinogenic plants in the cultural development of man through the centuries, we must thank the patience and friendliness of shamans and other native peoples with whom we have had the happy opportunity of working.

The debt that we owe for the faithful cooperation and encouragement of our many professional collea gues over the years can be neither easily nor adequately put into words, but nonetheless it is deeply appreciated

To the sundry scientific institutions and many libraries that have freely and fully helped us in so many ways, both before and during the preparation of the book, we express our heartfelt thanks. Without this support, the book never could have been born In its present form.

The generosity of the many individuals and institutions that have made available, often at great expense of time and research, the extensive illustrative material for this volume—much of it hitherto unpublished— has heartened us during the frequent frustrations that we have met in our efforts to produce a book conceived with a fresh and forward-looking overview of one of the fundamental elements of human culture— the hallucinogens.

Christian Ratsch thanks Claudia Muller-Ebeling, Nana Nauwald, Stacy Schaefer, Arno Adelaars Felix Hasler, Jonathan Ott, Giorgio Samorini, and Paul Stamets for comments on the revision

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