Chironex Fleckeri

Common Name(s): Box Jellyfish, Fire Jelly, Marine Stinger, Moreton Bay Stinger Dose: .oo26oz(7omg) DC: 30 + 1 Per Tenticle Onset: 10 + 2D10 Rounds Duration: 2D2 Days Symptoms: Convulsions/Seizures, Cramps, Headache, Minor Swelling (Wound), Nausea /Vomiting, Numbness, Severe Localized Pain (Back, Lungs, Wound), Weakness Damage: Cardiac Failure 6D10+5 3D4 Per Hour, Kidney Failure 3D20+10 3D6 Per Hour, Necrotic Ulcer 1D4 Per Tenticle, Paralyzation, Shock Save: Reduce Duration By 60%

Strongylocentus Purpuratus Common Name(s): Purple Sea Urchin

Tripneustes Gratilla

Common Name(s): Hairy Colored

Pincushion Urchin, Priest-Hat


Common Name(s): Triggerfish

The Box Jellyfish is found in the coastal waters of northern Australia but not on the Great Barrier Reef. It is the most dangerous jellyfish, and one the deadliest venomous creatures, in the world. It is a large jellyfish, weighing up to 13 pounds and measuring about 7" to 11" across the dome while the tentacles can droop about 6' from the base. It is transparent in the water, and difficult to see, imposing a -10 to any attempts at detecting the creature.

This jellyfish has 4 bundles of 2D6+3 tentacles. Each tentacle contains millions of nematocysts which discharge venom through skin on contact. Contact with a large amount of tentacle material over a wide surface area can result in multiple (+1D4) envenomation. The nematocysts are normally used by jellyfish to deliver the toxin into their prey. They feed on shrimp and often frequent the same beaches as humans. These animals have a strategy of passive hunting; they simply wait for the prey to bump into their tentacles. Since a struggling shrimp could easily tear the tentacles of a jellyfish, it has developed a very strong venom to kill prey instantly.

The Fire Medusa is a smaller relative of the Box Jellyfish. This jellyfish is the size of a large apple, and the number of tentacles on each of the four bundles seldom exceeds nine. The tentacles are also / Nematocysts are con-

shorter and finer than those of the Box / tained in special cells called sting-Jellyfish. Its venom is the same as Box Jelly / mg Cnidocytes. When not being used, venom, but the quantity of venom is much / a ^ematocyst is coiled up like a spring lower and the scarring is minimal.

Onset: 2D6 Rounds Duration: 3D8 Rounds

Symptoms: Blurred Vision, Cramps, Incoordination, Localized Pain, Minor Swelling (Sting), Nausea /Vomiting, Numbness, Weakness

Damage: Paralyzation, Mild Asphyxiation 1D4 Per Round Save: Save Vs Paralyzation, Save Vs Mild Asphyxiation (Reduces Duration By 85%)

This venom works quickly, but maximum dosing occurs only when still-active nematocysts are allowed to remain in the skin and continue injecting venom. Pulling on tentacles only aggravates them into injecting even inside the Cnidocyte. One end of the coil is attached to the cell reservoir containing venom, while the other end resembles a sting barbed like a harpoon. The Cnidocysts are usually located along the tentacles that surround the mouth, but can be an any number of tentacles. Upon contact with anything, except members of the same species, each stinging cell discharges a harpoon-sting covered in venom into the skin.

Cone Shell Snails are sea snails that have smooth cone-shaped shells, with colorful mottling and long, narrow openings in the base. They live under rocks, in crevices and coral reefs, and along rocky shores and protected bays in tropical areas. They prey upon other marine life, immobilizing them with their venom. In the environment of the cone shells, it has been necessary for them to develop an effective method for immobilizing prey much quicker than themselves. The snail's lack of physical agility gives way to a

Each tentacle will be covered with millions of these stinging cells, resulting in a large amount of venom being injected over a wide area more. If .5 gallon of household vinegar is applied over the effected skin within 10 rounds of envenomation, the continued dis charge of venom will cease. If the victim can receive this treatment quick enough, they will suffer only the damage from Necrotic Ulcers, Shock, and Paralyzation (the normal symptoms) and gain +5 to Fortitude Saving Throw.

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