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400-watt lamp 15-watt timer

150-wattfan 560 total watts

STEP ONEs Design Room

Once you know how much you want to grow and where you want to grow, you are ready to design your grow room or purchase a ready-made room. I like to draw the room to scale on paper before constructing it. _ v

This room has a single growing space that measures 3x3 feet (90x90 cm) ggj 1

and contains plants and a 400-watt HID lamp. A space above contains electrical appliances including the ballast for the lamp. A space below the growing bed serves as a storage area. This is a good garden design for beginners who start with feminized seeds. They can start growing immediately and harvest in about 4 months. Harvest should weigh in between 7-14 ounces (200-400 gm) at the end of 4 months.

This grow closet is divided by a shelf just below the middle. The seedling/ vegetative/clone mother garden below is illuminated by two 55-watt CFL bulbs. The flowering room above is illuminated by a 400-watt HP sodium lamp. This room offers growers the option of [Description continues next page]

400-watt lamp 110 watt CFL 15-watt timer

150-wattfan 100-wattfan 775 total watts consecutive harvests every 60-70 days. Seedlings or clones and mothers are grown below. Seedlings or clones advance into strong vegetative growth and are moved upstairs to the flowering room every 60-70 days, after ripe buds are harvested. This room requires a little more knowledge and care but is very productive. Growers should expect to harvest about 7-14 ounces (200-400 gm) every 60-70 days from this garden.

Vegetative room

NOTE: This setup also offers growers the option of a perpetual harvest. A single flowering plant is harvested every 2-4 days. Mothers and clones are grown in the vegetative room below. Clones advance into strong vegetative growth and a vegetative clone is moved to the flowering room every time a flowering plant is harvested. This room takes a little more knowledge but is very productive. Growers should expect to harvest about 20 percent more with this rhythm method.

Vegetative room

If you set up two rooms, one for seedlings, vegetative growth, or mothers and clones and another room for flowering, you can harvest a crop of ripe buds every 60-70 days. The light is on in the clone/vegetative room 18-24 hours a day and the flowering room has a light schedule of 12 hours on and 12 hours off. To get the most from your space, the flowering room should be 3-4 times bigger than the clone/vegetative room. For example, a 2 X 2-foot (60 X 60 cm) clone/vegetative room will supply enough seedlings and clones to support up to an 8 X 8-foot (2.4 X 2.4 m) flowering room. Or you can use the grow closet like the one on the front cover of this book as an example. With two rooms and this simple schedule, you can harvest 5-6 crops of dried buds every year.

Grow Room Weed Small

This grow setup also has two grow rooms: clone/vegetative and flowering. A 400-watt lamp illuminates the flowering room and four 40-watt fluorescents light the clone/ vegetative room. The side-by-side orientation of the rooms allows the vegetative room to be taller and narrower and the closet a little wider. The higher profile of the flowering room allows space for a hydroponic reservoir below. It also provides space above and below for appliances and storage.

400-watt lamp 200-wattfan

160-watt fl uorescents 100-wattfan 15-watttimer 875 total watts

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