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By the turn of the century, England was on the cutting edge of Western medicine. Sir William Osier, then the world's most renowned doctor, hailed medical marijuana as the best remedy for migraines. Sir Russell Reynolds gave medical marijuana to Queen Victoria for PMS and other ailments. Writing about medical marijuana in the first edition of the British medical journal The Lancet, Reynolds said it's "one of the most valuable medicines we possess." Ironically, Queen Elizabeth would get locked away in the Tower of London today for seeking relief with medical marijuana.

With George Washington and Thomas Jefferson urging patriotic Americans to grow hemp, the plant provided colonists with one of their most important resources for clothing, rope, canvas, and food (the seeds contain all the essential proteins, see Chapter Three).

And don't think it was all for industrial use. The colonists were well aware of marijuana's medicinal qualities. A popular pamphlet published in 1766 called Abstract from a Treatise on Hemp included

Photo of 19th Century medicine bottle from "The Great Book of Hemp " by Rowan Robinson.

these "medical properties." (Alas, even among the medicinal praise, it unjustly condemns the intoxicating effects of marijuana.)

Taken in an emulsion, it is good against a cough and the jaundice, and also against the gonorrhoea; its oil is recommended as an ingredient in pomatums for the smallpox; and it is laxative. Taken inwardly, or outwardly applied, it has not the dangerous qualities that are ascribed to the whole plant with its leaves; the powder of it mixt with drink, will make those who use it drunk, dull, and stupid; We are told that the Arabians make a sort of wine of it, which intoxicates...

The grain and leaves being squeezed, while they are green, and applied, by way of cataplasm, to painful tumors, are reckoned to have a great power of relaxing and stupifying...the powder of its leaves, taken in drink, is reckoned good for dysenteries...

It is very good against the gout, and other humours that fall upon the nervous, muscular, and tendinous parts. It abates inflammations, dissolves tumors and hard swellings upon the joints. Beat and pounded in a mortar, with butter, when it is still fresh, it is applied to burns, which relieves greatly when it is often renewed.

In the 1800s, medical marijuana became this country's No. 1 analgesic and made up half of all medicine sold, with no

The scientific case for medical [marijuana] use keeps growing stronger Far more dangerous psychoactive drugs, like morphine, are successfully allowed in medical use.

Somehow marijuana has become a symbolic or political hard line to be maintained by antidrug believers regardless of human cost. The costs will mount until the public can organize itself to insist that those who urgently need this medicine can obtain and use it legally.

AIDS Treatment News January 23, 1998

incidents of abuse reported.

The first extensive study of medical marijuana in the U.S. was completed in 1860 by the Ohio Medical Society. Physicians reported success in treating stomach pain and gastric distress, psychosis, chronic cough, gonorrhea and neuralgia.

At the turn of the century, the drug began to fall into disuse. Cannabis was difficult to store and its extracts were variable in their effect. As new synthetic drugs were developed in the early 1900s, cannabis was less widely used but still available by prescription and in some over-the-counter preparations.

The modern Dark Ages began in 1937 when the federal government banned medical marijuana for reasons that remain obscure to this day. All knowledge of the plant was dropped into a black hole and replaced with lies. Medical marijuana was stricken from the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, in which it had held an honored place for more than 100 years. All research was banned except that which was designed to prove Reefer Madness was right. And if they couldn't find something bad, they made it up, all

Present evidence indicates that [cannabinoids] are remarkably safe drugs, with a side-effects profile superior to many drugs used for the same indications.

... [The British Medical Association will urge the government to] consider changing the Misuse of Drugs Act to allow the prescription of cannabinoids to patients with certain conditions causing distress that are not adequately controlled by existing treatments...

[WJhile research is underway the police, the courts, and other prosecuting authorities should be made aware of the medicinal reasons for the unlawful use of cannabis by those suffering from certain medical conditions for whom other drugs have proved ineffective.

British Medical Association Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis November 1997

the while suppressing favorable studies and reports. In the last six decades, there was a window of only 10 years in which the federal government allowed legitimate, unbiased scientific studies to take place. From 1966-76, hundreds of studies revealed the therapeutic potential hidden within the plant's hundreds of compounds.

Researchers began getting positive results using medical marijuana in the treatment of glaucoma, anorexia, asthma, nausea, Parkinson's Disease, and spastic muscle disorders. An article in a 1971 medical magazine reported that medical marijuana "is probably the most potent anti-epileptic known to medicine today."

Abruptly, the government banned all research on medical marijuana, reportedly at the urging of the pharmaceutical industry, which rightly feared a homegrown plant that would compete with their highly profitable synthetic drugs.

People are finally rising up against the government's repression of medical marijuana. All over the world, popular movements are underway to allow the sick and dying to use and grow their own.

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