There are several strategies for plant maintenance and harvest. The first is the hands-off approach. The strategy is simple. Plant the little gals, check on them once or twice and then came hack for Ihe harvest. This is a good plan when the climate isn't ton hot and summer rains are common. There's enough rainfall In most of the eastern and southeastern states and much of the northwest coast of America to grow with very tittle or no irrigation. Roots penetrate as deeply as necessary to find water. First they spread out. and then they go down. The water supply will last longer where there is less competition among different root systems. Before you plant, be sure to remove competing foliage from the surrounding planting area.

Mulch the area after planting. Mulch attracts water and prevents moisture loss from the soil. It also keeps the surface soft, allowing moisture to penetrate evenly. Use natural mulch from around the grow area so that il blends in with your garden.

Irrigated plants grow bigger and produce higher-quality bud. Irrigation can be a simple matter if your guerrilla patch is in a convenient place. It takes a pump to make water run uphill. Pumps are noisy, whether run by fossil fuel or water pressure. See sierrasolar.com for some cool pumps; I like the High Lifter. If you need a pump, find a qulel one. Gasoline-powered pumps are efficient and lift water up a long way. Check the number of vertical feet before buying a pump, it takes a big pump to lift water: Install a large filter for intake water to avoid clogging the pump's impeller. You can also use an electric pump and a solar panel, but it must all be carried to the garden. Small, battery-powered pumps are available and will irrigate plants over the course of several days to a week. Reservoirs should be covered to prevent evaporation as well as pests and predators. Check out real goods.com for reliable equipment.

Siphon-irrigate when your patch is below the water source. Siphoning creates no noise and needs no machinery. Directing water downhill is very easy: Use a hose and make the downhill run as short as possible. Always do a good joh of hiding the hose.

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