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Morning Glory was the winner of the 2002 Cup, It was developed by the world-Ismous Barney s Breakfast Bar in Amsterdam, which also won (he Best Coffeeshop award at the same Cup. This sativa indica mi* is a cross between true-breeding Hawaiian Sati va and Afghani t Shiva Skunk Huge buds form or lung stems uver a 12-week flower ing period. It's a good producer, wltli a strong, soaring satfVa head and the thump of a good indica—an all-around good high. Kind Morning Clary seeds at Bameyis, Haarlemerstraat 102, 1013 tW Amster dam Netherlands: phone. (Oil) 31-20625-9761 e-mail. InfdWSmeygblZ. You can read a good history ol Barney's at www.coffeeshop.lreeuk.coni.

Diablo won second place tor Outdoor Strains al the Vancouver Fan Harvest Cup in 2002. first place went to Time Warp, another purple slum that grows well in northern climates Difihio is a great alt around plant that will grow well in alt til-mates. It can withstand harsh cold and rainy fail weather The Blueberry-Grapefruit and South Afncan sstfv.5 cross yields naturally purple fnlidge and buds. This dream plant is very fast to mature both indoors (45 days) and out. It finishes by the end of September in Vancouver. Even with the short flowering time, this winning plant yields heavy , thick, dense buds of prime smoke. Diablo is a very good commercial strain! Hit the Kind Seed Company site, to leam more, or call toll free (866) 408 1198 to talk to a real live seed sales agent.

Mother's Finest is the newest siWa strain in the legendary Sensi Seeds collection. This phenomenal bud saunter«! away with nuntero uno honors at the 2002 Cup in Ihe Best Saliva Strain Seed Company category. Aji outstanding saliva indies cross. It realty mines the best chromosomes from each parent. The unmistakably wonderful, soaring sativa high Is coupled with a heavy yield and Short flowering time This was one of my favorites at last year's Cup! Depending on how you like your high, you can pick this plant young after 50 days of flowering or let her mature for a full 70 days. A tall 4 to 6 (out stature demonstrates the dominant i)/fva genebcs. with yields ol 4 ounces or more. See more aliotil Mother's Finest at

For more Info on new strains and seed banks. £o ta seedbartkupdate-com.

Morniny Glory

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