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Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

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D Fruiting Producing Mushrooms and Harvesting The Fruiting Chamber Terrarium

Many different things can be used for a fruiting chamber, including camping coolers, aquariums, and large plastic containers (Rubbermaid brand or similar containers work great). The fruiting chamber must be at least 6-8 (15-20cm) tall, and have enough floor space for the cakes to be arranged with at least 1 (2.5cm) of free space on all sides. Spread the cakes out as much as possible so that the mushrooms have room to grow. If the chamber is much too tall or too large, it may be difficult to keep the humidity high enough. The bottom of the chamber must be able to contain water, and the lid must be somewhat airtight in order to keep the humidity inside high. Light must be able to shine into the terrarium. If you are using a cooler or non-transparent plastic container, you will need to cut a window into the top of it and seal it with some sort of transparent material so that light can get in but humidity can't get out. For this reason, glass aquariums make very nice fruiting chambers if...

Casing And Recasing

After applying and moistening the casing soil, discard the lids and maintain the cultures in a high humidity environment. A large styrofoam cooler with a window cut into the lid and covered with clear or translucent polyethylene is excellent for this (fig. 17-20), so is a glass aquarium. If maintaining the jars in aquaria or styrofoam boxes, it is important to pay attention to proper aeration. Experience has shown that the daily transpiration evaporation cycle is important if oneis tohave vigorous fruiting, healthy cultures. Maintaining the proper moisture balance and evaporation rate in the casing soil is actually a