Xylosma congesta Lour Merr

[From Greek, xylos = wood and osma = smells and from Latin, congestionem = congested]

Physical description: It is a small tree found in Southeast Asia and China. The stems are glabrous. Leaves: simple, rhomboid, 2.5cm-3.5cm, and obscurely serrate. The flowers are dioecious and arranged in axillary short cymes. The male flowers are 3 mm long, comprise of 5 imbricate sepals and several stamens. The fruits are globose berries containing several seeds.

Pharmaceutical interest: The therapeutic potential of this plant is unexplored yet. Xylosmacin, a phenyl gluco-side, was characterized from Xylosma velutina by Cordell etal. (1977).

Baby Sleeping

Baby Sleeping

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