Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim

[From Greek, trikhos = hair and anthos = flower]

Physical description: It is a climber found in Japan, Korea and China. The tendrils are 2-5-fid. Leaves: simple, exstipulateand spiral. The blade is broad ovate to orbiculate, remotely dentate or 3-7-lobed, cordate at the base, pilose and punctuate on both sides. The inflorescences are axillary 10cm-20cm long racemes. The bracts are obovate or ovate, and 2 cm-2.5 cm long. The flowers are ephemeral and dirty white. The corolla consists of 5 petals which are fringed at the apex. The fruits are oblong, 9cm-10cm, orange-yellow berries containing several ovate or oblong,1.1 cm-1.4cm x 8mm-9 mm light brown seeds.

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