Thottea dependens Klotzsch

[From Latin, pendere = be suspended]

Physical description: It is an uncommon shrub found in the open forests and old rubber estates of Malaysia. The stems are smooth and velvety. Leaves: alternate, simple and without stipules. The petiole is stout, velvety and 5 mm long. The blade is oblong-ovate, leathery, glabrous on the surface and velvety underneath. The apex is acute-acuminate and the base acute-round. The margin is entire and recurved. The midrib is sunken above and strongly raised below. The blade shows 9 to 12 pairs of secondary nerves which are flat above and raised below, and scalariform tertiary nerves. The inflorescences are velvety and axillary

Uses: The plant is probably counter-irritant. In Malaysia, a paste made from the leaves is applied externally to treat skin diseases and fever, and to stimulate the skin to redness. It will be interesting to know if further study on this plant discloses any molecules of therapeutic interest.

racemes. The flowers are bell-shaped, 3-lobed, and 10.5 cm x 7cm-7cm x 8 cm. The perianth is dark purple and showily nerved. The pedicel is velvety and 1.4cm-9cm. The fruits are 14 cm-7 mm-16.5 cm x 5 mm, velvety and obscurely quadrangular capsules. The seeds are tiny and numerous (Fig. 33).

Warning: Caution must be taken as the toxic effects of this plant are unknown.

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