The Fastest Way To Do A Marijuana Detox

When you're thinking of getting marijuana out of your system in the quickest and easiest way possible, you'll naturally want to know what your options are. There's not many, but each one can operate in a slightly different way which could make all the difference if you've only got days or even hours left before a test. In this article, I will explore what you can do in a short and simple format, so you can act fast.

The Methods

First of all, it's worth mentioning the most obvious method to detox, which is to do it yourself by not consuming marijuana in the days and weeks before your test. But sometimes that isn't always the most efficient, because when you leave your body to clear out the marijuana it can take a long time depending on how much of it you've smoked and how regularly you smoke it. Another quick point to note is what not to do. Don't use cranberry juice, detox teas, vinegar, or niacin, as they don't work. What you need is a detox solution, and that's what I'll be discussing next.

There are three common products you can buy to aid the detox process, and these are marijuana detox pills, drinks, and kits. Let's look at all three.

Pills work to accelerate the removal of THC through the excretion process. It won't be a one-pill solution though. You'll need to take a 75 or 150 pill course depending on how long you'll be taking them and how quickly you need to remove the THC. Through pills, a heavy user of marijuana can reduce the number of marijuana-free days they'll need to pass a drug test from 30 to 10.

Drinks are a nicer way to detox, but they will only be helpful when you've cleared out most of the THC through other methods. They will dilute your urine, which can reduce the concentration of any leftover THC, but they don't do much beyond that. You will want a larger size drink so you get the greatest benefits, and you may want to look out for the flavor. You will also want to drink them on an empty stomach. The key is that one hour after consumption, you will be in a favorable window for a test, so that is the best time to take one.

Kits are the most comprehensive and therefore the best way to remove THC from your system. They'll usually contain three components. Pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber. The tablets are at the heart of every kit. They contain alfalfa leaf extract which helps to remove THC. The effect of the pills is increased further by the liquid detox and dietary fiber.


When you use any of these methods, you'll find they give you different results. Briefly, the drinks are only going to work well for you if you've got a limited amount of THC in your system and have abstained for a while from marijuana. But they can be useful on the final day when your test is due. Pills will reduce the time you need to abstain before your test considerably, but you'll have to take the pills rigidly over the course of 5 or 10 days depending on how much THC you need to remove. Kits will also take a number of days, but they'll do the job for you brilliantly so long as you get a good one and follow the instructions fully.

Overall, the best choice for speed is kits, because they have several components that work together to cleanse your system thoroughly and quickly.

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