Sonerila begoniaefolia Ridl

[From Latin, begoniaefolia = Begonialike leaves]

Physical description: It is a herb which grows to a height of 50 cm in the shady and wet spots of the Malaysian rainforest.The stems are quadrangular. Leaves: simple, alternate and without stipules. The petiole is reddish. The blade is asymmetrical, 4 cm x 2 cm-9 cm x 6 cm, glossy above and marked by 4 secondary nerves parallel to the midrib which is sunken above and raised below. The inflorescences are terminal. The fruits are 1 cmx 8 mm triangular capsules (Fig. 173).

Uses: In Malaysia, Sonerila begoniaefolia Ridl. is used to aid recovery from childbirth. It will be interesting to learn whether a more intensive study on Sonerila begoniaefolia Ridl. will disclose any molecules of therapeutic interest.

Fig. 173. Sonerila begoniaefolia Ridl.

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