Sarcolobus globulus Wall

[From Greek, sarkos = flesh and lobos = lobe and from Latin, globosus = globe]

Physical description: It is a poisonous climber of Malaysia. Leaves: simple, opposite, without stipules, succulent, leathery, and ovate or ovate-oblong. The petiole is 1.2cm.The blade is 7cm-10cm x 1 cm-3cm.The apex of the blade is acuminate and the base is round. The blade shows 5-7 pairs of secondary nerves. The flower pedicel is thick. The flowers are numerous, light purple and 1 cm in diameter. The corolla is tubular, 5-lobed, and the lobes are contorted,

Common names: Akar batu pelir kambing (Malay).

orbicular and pubescent inside. The andrecium consists of 5 stamens, the filaments of which are connate into a short tube. The anthers are broad with a spatulate appendage. The gynae-cium consists of a pair of distinct carpels. The style ends in a 5-angled stigma. The fruits consist of pairs of follicles which are 10 cm in diameter, brownish, globose and woody. The pericarp is 1.2 cm thick. The seeds are obovate, flat and marginated (Fig. 286).

Pharmacological interest: A total glycoside extract of Sarcolobus globulus Wall. tested on the rat phrenic nerve-diaphragm, chick biventer cer-vicis and frog rectus abdominis, inhibits electrical field-stimulated twitching and depressed the log dose-response curve of contractures caused by acetylcholine and carbachol (3mg/mL; Mustafa MR et al., 1990). Furthermore, this extract inhibits the contraction of guinea-pig ileal longitudinal muscles and Taenia coli preparation induced by acetylcholine, histamine and potassium chloride. Low concentrations of both the extract and verapamil induce a similar displacement of the dose-response curve to calcium (0.3 mM-30 mM) and dose-dependently inhibits potassium chloride-induced contraction, thereby suggesting an inhibition of the calcium influx (Mustafa MR, 1993).

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