Saponaria vaccaria L

[From Latin, saponaria = soapy and vaccaria = cow herb]

Physical description: It is an annual herb which grows to a height of 60 cm. It is found in temperate and subtropical countries.The stems are somewhat pubescent. Leaves: 2.5cm-6.3cm x 6 mm-2 cm, sessile, and glabrous. The lower ones are oblong-acute and the upper ones are oblong-lanceolate, very acute and mucronate. The flowers are arranged in corymbose cymes with 2.5cm-5cm long pedicels and folia-ceous bracts. The calyx is 1.2 cm long, ventricose in fruit, 5-nerved, scarious, and develops 5 teeth. The petals are rosy, obovate, and slightly emarginate. The claw of each petal is shortly exerted, and the limb is 1.2 cm long. The fruits are broadly ovoid capsules. The seeds are globose, black, and granulate.

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