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Warning: Caution must be taken as the toxic effects of this plant are unknown. Polyscias Scutellaria (Burm. f) Fosberg

[From Latin, scutellaria = shield-shaped and from Greek, polus = many and skia = shade]

Physical description: It is a common ornamental shrub of the Asia-Pacific which grows to a height of 1.75 m. The plant has a pungent smell. The bark is pale grey and the wood, white. Leaves: simple, without stipules and spiral. The petiole is channeled and 3cm-6cm long. The blade is spoon-shaped, glossy,

Uses: In Japan, Hedera rhombea (Miq.) is used to treat nose bleeding.

Synonymy: Nothopanax Scutellaria (Burm f.) Merr., Nothopanaxcochleatus Miq., Panax cochleatus.

20cmx28cm-5.5cmx8cm, papery, and ovate to reniform.The base of the blade is cordate. The margin is laxly crenate and the apex round, and a very small tooth is present between each lobe. The blade shows 6-7 pairs of secondary nerves. The inflorescences are 19 cm-30 cm long lax panicles of 8 mm diameter umbels, consisting of about 12 tiny and yellowish flowers suspended on 4 mm long pedicels (Fig. 250).

Uses: In Indonesia, Polyscias Scutellaria (Burm. f) Fosberg is used to promote perspiration, growth of hair, urination, and to resolve inflammation. In Malaysia, the leaves of Polyscias scutellaria (Burm. f) Fosberg are used to heal ulcers. In the Philippines, Polyscias scutellaria (Burm.f) Fosberg is used to promote urination.

Fig. 250. Polyscias scutellaria (Burm. f) Fosberg.

Pharmaceutical interest: The pharmacological potential of this plant remains unexplored.The medicinal properties of Polyscias Scutellaria (Burm.f) Fosberg are probably due to a series of dammarane-and oleanane-type triterpenoid saponins such as ladyginosides, which are known to occur in other members of the genus Polyscias.


Ladyginosides (R= GLcA-Glc)


Ladyginosides (R= GLcA-Glc)

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