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Warning: Caution must be taken as the toxic effects of this plant are unknown. Cassia alata L.

[From Hebrew, q'tsi'ah = cut off bark and from Latin, alatus = having wings]

Physical description: It is a handsome, prickly shrub native to tropical America which grows to a height of 2 m. The plant is invasive. Leaves: stipulate. The stipules are triangular and persistent, pinnate, and 40cm-60cm long. The rachis is winged and holds 4-12 pairs of folioles which are oblong, round, and slightly coriaceous. The flowers are arranged in terminal and axillary upright and showy spike-shaped racemes. The calyx comprises of 5 sepals which are




Common names: Ringworm shrub, winged senna, ringworm senna, candelabra bush, craw craw plant, 7 golden candlesticks; gelenggang besar, daun kurap (Malay); bois puant, herbe a dartres (French); timbo (Burmese); danghet (Cambodian); daun kurap (Javanese); acapulco (Filipino); dadrughna (Sanskrit); muong trao, cay lac (Vietnamese).

spatulate, obtuse, and 1 cm long. The corolla comprises of 5 petals which are ovate, 1.5 cm long and form a globose, golden yellow and very conspicuous corolla. The andrecium comprises of 7 stamens and 3 staminodes.The fruits are winged pods which are linear and glabrous, and contain 50-60 triangular seeds (Figs. 159 & 160).

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