Yamashita H, etal. (1990) J Biol Chem 265(26): 15770-15775. Yamusaki K, etal. (1994) Chem Pharm Bull 42(2): 395-397. Xu JP, etal. (1992) Phytochem 31(1): 233-236.

Uses: In Malaysia, the fruit of Curculigo latifolia Dryand. is used to promote appetite and to give a sweet taste to the water. A decoction of the fruit and flowers is used to promote digestion and urination. A decoction of the rhizome is used to stop men-orrhagia, combat fever and to soothe inflamed eyes. In China, Curculigo latifolia Dryand. is used to produce venereal desire and to invigorate health.

684 Division MAGNOLIOPHYTA Narcissus tazetta L.

[From Greek, narke = numbness and from Latin, tazetta = little cup]

Common name: Chinese daffodil.

Uses: In China and Japan, the bulb is used to heal ulcers and boils, calm the itching, assuage pain, treat eye diseases and to resolve swellings. The flowers are used to combat fever.

Physical description: It is a poisonous, bulbous and succulent herb which grows wild in China and Japan. Leaves: simple, 23 cm x 1 cm and somewhat cylindrical and succulent. The inflorescences are cymose and initially enveloped in a membrane. The flowers are bright yellow, 5-lobed, and 2 cm x 3cm. (Fig. 414).

Baby Sleeping

Baby Sleeping

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