Hiramatsu T, etal. (1993) Cancer Lett 73(2-3): 161-166. Hirazumi A, etal. (1999) PhytotherRes 13(5): 380-387. Mueller BA, et al. (2000) Am J Kidneys Dis 35(2): 310-312. Younos C, etal. (1990) Planta Med 56(5): 430-434.

Warning: One must know that the juice expressed from the fruits of Morinda elliptica L. (noni juice) should not be given to individuals undergoing low potassium diet. A man with chronic renal insufficiency has developed a hyperkaliemia after drinking the juice of Morinda citrifolia L. The potassium concentration in the juice samples was determined and found to be 56.3mEq/L (Mueller BA et al., 2000).

Warning: Caution must be taken as the toxic effects of this plant are unknown. Morinda umbellata L.

[From Latin, morus = mulberry, Indus = from India, umbella = sunshade]

Common names: Button fruit climber, seven wells, common Indian mulberry; ji yan teug, yang jiao teug (Chinese); mengkudu kecil, mengkudu akar (Malay); daruharidra (Sanskrit); noonakai (Tamil); yoyaan (Thai); nhau tan, daydat (Vietnamese).

Physical description: It is a coastal climber of the Asia-Pacific. Leaves: simple, decussate, 5 cm-12 cmx2 cm-5cm and stipulate. The stipules are interpetiolar. The petiole is 1 cm long. The bade is elliptical, shows 5-6 pairs of secondary nerves, acute at the apex and tapering at the base. The flowers are arranged in a umbel-shaped cluster of 5-12 heads. The corolla is greenish-white, very small, 4-lobed with a hairy mouth. The fruits are small and succulent syncarps that are bright o (Fig. 349).

Fig. 349. Morinda umbellata L.

Uses: In Vietnam, the leaves and roots of Morinda umbellata L. are used to stop dysentery The therapeutic potential of this plant remains unexplored. Note that the plant is known to produce anthraquinones (Burnett AR et al., 1968).

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