Pluchea indica L Less

[After Abbe Noel-Antoine Pluche, 18th century French naturalist and from Latin, indica = from India]

Synonymy: Baccharis indica L.

Common names: Indian fleabane, Indian pluchea, Indian camphorweed; beluntas (Malay); luntas (Javanese); kayu (Burmese); pras anbok (Cambodian); cuctan, cayluc, tubi (Vietnamese); kalapini (Filipino); khlu (Thai).

Small Green Oval Leaf Growing Upwards

Physical description: It is a shrub of the wetlands, mangroves, swamps, tidal flats and fishponds of India, South China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia and Pacific Islands. It grows Fig. 378. Pluchea indica (L.) Less.

to a height of 1.5 m. The stems are terete, woody, green or purplish and glabrous. Leaves: simple, without stipules and alternate. The blade is 2.5 cm x 5 mm, dentate, considerably thin, obo-vate, acuminate and narrow at the base. The inflorescences are small capitula arranged in terminal corymbose cymes of 5 cm long. The flowers are white or purple. The pappus is 2 mm long and white (Fig. 378).

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